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Book: The Official Memory Improvement Guide by Cathy Costello

Book: The Official Memory Improvement Guide by Cathy Costello

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Cathy Costello

Author Cathy Costelloabout this book: If you are like most people that are over fifty-five or so, you might be beginning to see a decline in your ability to recall things like you used too. Or maybe you are already at the point of realizing that your memory is on a definite downslide. Do you open the refrigerator only to forget why you went there in the first place? Have you caught yourself letting the water run in the sink long after it should have been turned off? Do you forget names, places and events that you used to have no trouble remembering?

Recent research has shown that one of the best, quickest and easiest ways to strengthen memory is to play games. Fortunately, with "The Official Memory Improvement Guide", you do not need a PHD to discover how to get your mind back on track. The material is presented in a way that anyone, regardless of his or her educational background, can immediately put to use. Just open the book, pick a method that you are drawn to, and, within just a few minutes, you can be well on your way to restoring your ability to remember.

Don't be deceived by its simplicity; it definitely has the capacity to sharpen your mine, and quickly too. This fun little book is entertaining, yet, at the same time, it is challenging. It is literally packed with many different ways to help you reclaim your memory once again.

If, like a lot of people over fifty, reversing your loss of memory has become important to you, then you won't be disappointed with the jump start this little book will give you. In fact, doing just a few of the games will make you feel like you are beginning to do something about the embarrassment and fear that go along with loss of memory.

Chances are if you are reading this, more than likely, you are one of the Baby Boomers. They are known to be the ones in our society that fight back. Most of us know that they have set a new standard for physical fitness after fifty. Why should fitness of the mind be any different? It is true that you may be advancing in maturity, but that does not mean you have to accept the idea that you are "getting old" and the degeneration of mind that is thought to go along with advancing age.

It is now a scientific fact that habitual forgetfulness does not have to be your lot in life now that you are over fifty. There are many known ways to hone your memory skills, and this book is chock full of them. Use the methods in this book to begin retraining your mind to start remembering again.

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