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Book: Tales from the Riverside by Larry Landgraf

Book: Tales from the Riverside by Larry Landgraf

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Larry Landgraf

Author Larry Landgrafabout this book: Have you ever wondered what it's REALLY like to live in a swamp? We've all seen the TV shows with guys catching monstrous alligators, or perhaps you've seen some of the struggles the men and women of the 'Naked and Afraid' shows have endured. While I do not live here naked, what would possess someone to live in a swamp? 'Tales from the Riverside' will answer this and many more of your questions.

Many of the stories in this book are on my blog. They have been re-written and properly edited for 'Tales from the Riverside'. One of my proofreaders loved the stories, but said it would have been much more enjoyable if Ellen, my partner, had written a story or two to be included in the book. I twisted Ellen's arm, and I didn't have to twist too hard, so there is also one story from her perspective about living in my swamp. It is going on three years since my city gal moved here from San Antonio. What does she think about my swamp?

'Tales from the Riverside' is my seventh book. It is my third non-fiction, or non-friction as I call it, because it doesn't chafe and is rated 'PG' by me. My other books are intended to chafe and aggravate your emotions to the extreme and most are rated 'R' by me. I do virtually no research for my books. Everything I write comes from a lifetime of learning through tough experiences, and with the help of that little voice in the back of my head, these stories have now come to life in 'Tales from the Riverside'. A poem I wrote about the 'voice' which helps me write is also included in the book.

I have not had an easy life, but it has been most enjoyable for me. I would not change anything in my life. I have no regrets and when I die, I will have lived my life to the fullest and to the best of my abilities.

I wrote this book because others told me these stories would make a good one, perhaps a best-seller. I was just getting started on book four of my Four Seasons Series when I finally decided to make 'Tales from the Riverside' a reality. It was quickly produced because as I said, most of the stories were already written. I keep getting pats on the back now that it's finished. I know you will learn much about me, Ellen, and my swamp from this book. Whether or not you'll love it, I can't say, but thus far I'm getting great feedback from the few who have read the stories.

I have written all my books with one goal in mind. This goal is to entertain you through rattling your emotions across both ends of the spectrum. You may cry tears of rage or hate, or shed tears of love and admiration about what I write and whichever is fine with me as long as there is a tear shed somewhere along the way. I want to stir your senses to the point of some sort of emotional release. If I do this, then I've done my job.

I hope you'll give 'Tales from the Riverside' a chance. I think you will like it. I think you'll at least admit that my books are as unique as I am.

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