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Book: Unbridled (A Harem Boy's Saga Book 2) by Young

Book: Unbridled (A Harem Boy's Saga Book 2) by Young

categories: Book, GLBTQ, Autobiography, Harems, Clandestine, Secret Society, Coming of Age, LGBTQ, Romance, Erotica, Education, Middle Eastern, Studies, Love Story, Sensuality, Sexuality, Gay, Memoir



Author Youngabout this book: Unbridled is the sequel to A Harem Boy's Saga - I - Initiation; a memoir by Young.

This book documents Young's journey into his 2nd harem household service at the 'Sekham' where he was an apprentice and model to his patriarch, Aziz in his professional photo project - "Sacred Sex in Sacred Places."

My primary readers of A Harem Boy's Saga series are liberated women who are unafraid of reading LGBTQ sensuality and sexuality. This memoir are also for LGBTQs to inform, educate, to accept and to enjoy their personal LGBTQ journey.

These are some goals I hope to achieve through A Harem Boy Saga:

• Provide Tolerance to Sissy Boys by understanding parents/peers and the community.
Anderson Cooper 360 documentary on the devastating treatment of effeminate boys influence me to tell my story.

• Bullying can be Avoided through Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer programs in school or outside school system. Older students acting as mentors to younger students.

• Gay Adolescent Tolerance – parents/child/siblings relationship issues.
Support/mentorship program to all parties involved to foster understanding and acceptance of Gay kids.

• Provide an Alternative Educational System;
Understanding Big Brother/adolescent mentorship programs in schools, BB as protector to keep younger kids from being bullied.

• Human Relationship Building Program;
Between parents/teachers and young students on sexual topics/issues, especially when adolescent are just discovering their sexuality. They can be guided on a healthy and honest sexual journey instead of "don't ask, don't tell" hide it behind the closet policy.

The story I will tell, my story, taught me an understanding of vastly different expressions in the art of love. It taught me how our upbringing and our place in the world shapes our world view. This knowledge has kept me open, in mind and spirit. It taught me to be patient in learning every situation and experience by looking inwardly before assembling any immediate conclusion or relying on the preconceived judgments of another. As Jesus of Nazareth so rightly spoke to this effect - Let those who are unblemished cast the first stone at the sinner.

In many ways this is a Love Story, a love that is woven upon layers of intrigue - both in carnal knowledge and educational knowledge of life's many unrevealed mysteries - which not many adolescents have the privilege to experience. It is also a story of coming of age in a world that was, until then, foreign to me. I had the luxury of coming to know myself in a loving, structured environment, while learning how other parts of the world lived, worked and played.

I ask that you not be quick to leap into culture-driven reproach or plunge into judgment. Listen to my story. Hear my heart. Learn from my soul. Learn from the inner space where pure positivity and love reside. This world would be a very different place if we were non-judgmental of other cultures, of other drummers and of other dreams. As Sir Paul McCartney sings, 'Let it be.'

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