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Book: The Nancy Who Drew - The Memoir That Solved A Mystery by Nancy Wait

Book: The Nancy Who Drew - The Memoir That Solved A Mystery by Nancy Wait

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Nancy Wait

Author Nancy Waitabout this book: In my memoir I tell the story of betrayal and its repercussions, and why I might (as a soul) have chosen those experiences as it brought me to the memory of a past life. I suggest that Betrayal is Sacred when the Heart can Encompass the Whole, because that has been my experience. My heart Has encompassed the whole picture. And what I see now, is the importance of Transmuting every negative into a positive. No exceptions! What this does is change the patterning of thought-forms, individually as well as for the rest of the planet. It is a task I have taken on, this transmutation of betrayal into the sacred, instead of into revenge (or hate, or a broken heart, or anything else thought broken or irretrievable). In the follow up memoir which I'm currently working on, I tackle the path through the mucky-muck which led to the sacred.

My primary readers are lovers of memoir, and inspiring stories of those who have turned their lives around.

I chose this cover because I wanted readers to see right away it was about a painter, me, even though this photo was not taken at the time the events in the story took place.

The most difficult part of writing this book was not revealing the painful betrayal that took place when I was seventeen; it was the decision whether or not to reveal a discovery by "chance" of my connection to a child that was killed in WWII before my birth, and the possibility of reincarnation.

I researched old letters from myself and family members, plus old diary entries to jog my memory. Then, for the part of the child killed in WWII, I read a book that pertained to the incident, and also looked up newspaper accounts at the New York Public Library.

This book took me fourteen years to write. At the beginning I did not know I was going to uncover the answer to a mystery that has plagued me all my life. The answer came by "chance" after I had delved deeply into the story of my early life and painstakingly picked it apart for "clues." There were numerous revisions as I sought to bring the narrative into a more coherent whole. And finally, I had to wait for the courage to publish it, after I had said everything I thought I could say.

If there was ever a time to release the wounds of the past it is Now. I learned how to write by endless rewriting, so that I could share my story and its message, which is that everything happens for a reason, and it is our job to find out what that reason is, which is nothing less than going within and establishing contact with the Soul. The Soul has the answers to everything. When we can't find an answer on earth, we must take our seeking to a higher plane. I connected to my deeper self, my inner wisdom, through drawing and painting. Then I put my insights into words. It was through the writing that I was able to discover the meaning of my paintings. I hope to inspire others to look deeper into their experience, and to be willing to see why they might have "created their reality."

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