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Book: From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal - One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self by Susan Bremer O'Neill

Book: From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal - One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self by Susan Bremer O'Neill

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Susan Bremer O'Neill

Author Susan Bremer O'Neillabout this book: Have you ever thought that celebrity, success, being thin enough, sexy enough or finding the perfect mate will make you happy?

At one time I thought they would, and I wrote this memoir for all the lonely people who still do; the women and men who are looking for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways. That's what I'd done for over thirty years.

I was a middle-aged scientist who got sober, then my misguided conceptions of love, body, sex and self merged, and I embarked on a second career—as a stripper!

A newly clean and sober, albeit naive adult woman, I entered the dark jungle of sensual and sexual fantasy with a carefree, people-pleasing, good-girl attitude but learned quickly that I had to value my body and safety first. Religious dogma abandoned, I ultimately discovered a sexual morality born of experience after doing what I today call, being a "scientist of self."

My efforts to connect my body and brain and understand my mind as written in From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman's Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self were written as a loose road map for others. My hope is that those who read it find it an interesting story, gain some insight and wisdom into their own lives, and that some find it a cautionary tale and learn a few things NOT to do in their own lives.

A few excerpts from some amazon reviews (go to amazon to read many more) show that my mission is being realized:

• "There are so many wonderful life lessons in her story …."

• "The messages found in the pages of Susan's book … changed my life."

• "...couldn't put it down! ... appreciated your raw honesty!"

• " refreshing and really helped me with self-love and self-acceptance …"

• "Through her story we learn and evolve too…."

• "Sharing your story has helped me embrace the empty and desperate ... little girl in me!"

In my late forties, I married the most wonderful man and we have six rescue animals, four cats and two dogs, in Northern California. Because it's taken me an entire lifetime (okay I'm not that old, but you know what I mean, especially if I live to be at least one hundred like I plan) to build the relationship with myself that helped me create this great life, I help other people build their own Self Appeal so they too may experience the love and joy that I've found.

I'm a life coach and keynote speaker, and I speak about Self Appeal, self-image and sexuality to high school groups and college students as well as adults. I offer interesting classes on topics like, eliminating the inner critic, embracing the inner diva, and developing positive habits and your best relationships possible.

I love being creative and my first artistic endeavor was a self-produced DVD, Striptease for Real Women. I've been a contributing author in "Flesh for Fantasy: Producing and Consuming Exotic Dance," with the essay, "The Grind," and have been published in Men's Health and Gauntlet Magazines. Recently, I made my own book trailer.

I am a nonfiction writer who values honesty, authenticity and depth, and for me that takes time. This first book took me almost ten years to write and publish, and I currently have three books started. I will soon sit down to complete another memoir which continues where this one leaves off, with my husband and our marriage and search for our best love and communication, and I will complete a self-help manual to value one's own body for lasting happiness and fulfillment. Oh yeah, I like to weed, make a great lasagna, and I keep a stocked freezer full of homemade soup too!

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