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Book: Transplant - He May Let the Abductor Live... Only as a Donor by Susan J. Barrett

Book: Transplant - He May Let the Abductor Live... Only as a Donor by Susan J. Barrett

categories: Book, Transplant, Surgeon, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, Kidnapping, Operating Room, Intruder, Emergency, Protagonist, Ransom, Scalpel, Medical Thriller


Susan J. Barrett

Author Susan J. Barrettabout this book: TRANSPLANT is a 78,000-word medical thriller in the tradition of Robin Cook and Patricia Cornwall. The novel features a larger-than-life surgeon as a protagonist and combines murder, kidnapping, betrayal, sex, and violent confrontation in a hospital setting, often inside operating rooms. It came as a result of the numerous enlightening conversations I had with a world-renowned transplant surgeon.

I tried to capture the drama that was created in my mind by bringing to life the altering events that impacted this brilliant surgeon, Johnny. This surgeon so impressed me that his inspiration led to the fictionalized characterization of Johnny, who held in his surgically gifted hands the heart organ pulsating at 25 degrees centigrade.

Visually, my story of TRANSPLANT captures the reader's imagination holding them captive while imbedding them into the medical mystic prisms of this Greek God-like surgeon's Life. Johnny's command performance is inescapable until you turn the pages revealing this doctor behind the mask.


After admiring my hero from a distance, I finally had the opportunity to meet the world-renowned transplant surgeon in person as he sat behind his massive mahogany desk. While formally dressed handsomely in his professional long white lab coat with a vast stack of medical books on each side of him, he was now finally before me! Upon our introductions, I have to admit I felt intimidated by this stern looking, larger-than-life surgeon, since his secretary had indicated to me that, by nature, this man was fun-loving and out-going. Thus, my friendly expectations of him quickly sank in response to his cool attitude of indifference. At that very moment it was as though the surgeon was about to kick me out of his office, since he suggested that I interview my son, who is also a doctor.

This of course was not what I had in mind; so I began to speak to the doctor about some ideas that he possibly might be interested in, which involved his writings of educating transplant trainees and writings integrating fiction with non-fiction. That conversation broke the ice between us, when the doctor handed me the book his close associate published, about the two surgical transplant teams, which were beautifully illustrated on the book's cover and explained the associate doctor's book was fiction and non-fiction.

In my excitement I rejoiced to the surgeon, that was exactly my suggestion for him! Then, he graciously answered, "Susie, I DO NOT NEED TO FABRICATE!!" We both were smiling and laughed after his announcement, countering my idea.

Talk about an author's artist dream; hearing the words flow from SURGEON STAR, that breathed life into my poem, along with several intricate detailed posed sketches of him, dressed in surgical scrubs, that visually portrayed his story through a mystical glimpse he shared with me into his world of opening up a patient with the skillfulness of his scalpel's blade, delicately pointed as if from an artist's brush.

Doubts surrounded this surgeon when, through his searching, dark eyes in shadows of death, HE TRIES TO MASSAGE A TINY LITTLE HEART BACK TO LIFE. Thinking "OH MY GOD-SECOND GUESSES was the clamp I used too large or too small, did I act in time with the quickest precision that could have saved this LIFE ?", sharing his tears in their painful grief hugging the parents whose baby child and adult had just lost their LIFE.

This is the doctor I learned from while experiencing the privilege to capture him on my canvas brought to LIFE. Fortunately, after readying the poem to his Emeritus, the opportunity was presented for me to create the theatrical stage for the doctor from the series of characters I had breathed Life into for my new book idea. TRANSPLANT/ HE MAY LET THE ABDUCTOR LIVE...ONLY AS A DONOR. En casted on original sketched canvases for this surgeons's approval, were the introductions of my main characters. Johnny, the absolutely drop-dead gorgeous buff of a man, represented the young brilliant surgeon. Sierra Starr, Johnny's former wife (pictured on the cover) showed up on his door step the morning their daughter Tiffany Anne had been kidnapped.

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