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Book: eBook author success guide by Steve Bareham

Book: eBook author success guide by Steve Bareham

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Steve Bareham

Author Steve Barehamabout this book: There are literally hundreds of thousands of people around the planet writing eBooks. Most of them will never be found and few will make their authors money. Part of the problem is that most authors are writers, not marketers, but with eBooks, the marketing function falls to the author. So, if you want people to find your book, and if you want to make money, you need to put your marketing hat on.

This eBook author success guide, by Steve Bareham, pulls together the relevant and important aspects of eBook authoring, organization, management, and marketing. Steve had just put six eBooks online in recent months, so the information is fresh and to the point.

The book details how to research the relevance of your topic so you can help to ensure that it is in demand and tailor it better so it will be. It covers dozens of marketing ideas, ways to save money, ways to save time.

The eBook also integrates dozens of YouTube videos, PowerPoint shows, and website links so you get a multi-media learning experience that is much more than cyberwords on a screen. It's also illustrated with color photos, so it's more enjoyable to read as well.

Also at your fingertips:

1. What to charge in this strange environment where 99 cent books are everywhere (Steve thinks the days of ultra-cheap books are numbered and suggests authors should be paid what their works are worth…and that's more than 99 cents in most cases!)
2. How to create a website and a blog
3. How to take advantage of news releases
4. How to get book reviews
5. Different options for cover design
6. To use an aggregator or go it alone
7. And if you use an aggregator where to find one that is both affordable and that keeps 0% of your royalties—this is huge!
8. There's information about upfront copy, maximizing meta-data impact, and help for authors wanting top-notch videos or slideshows for book trailers. Also: using a weblog, where to get free flash and HTML websites designed for authors
9. Information on audio books
10. How to use social networking
11. How to document and paraphrase to avoid plagiarism, and
12. How to write better and use creativity techniques

A very important piece of advice, from an author who has been involved in publishing for three decades, is to write good books about in-demand subjects and ideas, and then keep writing. Succeeding with one book is comparable to winning the lottery—but write six and make a few hundred dollars each month from each, and you have a nice income subsidy that may grow into something.

Writing, unfortunately, is rarely a get-rich-quick scheme except for the very few with horseshoes. To this end, there's information on how to get more creative and how to write better since good writing sells more books; there are some awful titles online, and the authors are getting creamed by readers—that can kill a writing career.

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