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Book: Your Love Numbers - Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships by Richard Andrew King

Book: Your Love Numbers - Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships by Richard Andrew King

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Richard Andrew King

Author Richard Andrew Kingabout this book: There is no subject more powerful, personal and captivating than love. Who is there who does not want to love or be loved? Who does not want to have a great relationship? Love and relationship are a natural, universal desire.

But why are some relationships great and some not? In fact, are there not more unhappy relationships and marriages than happy ones? With the divorce rate hovering around fifty-percent, obviously people are not choosing good partners.

YOUR LOVE NUMBERS – DISCOVERING THE SECRETS OF YOUR LIFE, LOVES & RELATIONSHIPS reveals major secrets of great relationships and how to create them based on the birth names and birth dates of the people involved. Certainly, this is a revolutionary concept but a worthy one. The information contained within YOUR LOVE NUMBERS is based on personal study and research of highly successful marriages – those lasting at least ten years and being rated by their partners as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

Life is energy. People are energy. When the energies of two people resonate one to the other, good relationships result. When the energies between two people are dissonant, less than satisfactory relationships and marriages occur, many ending up on the divorce heap of broken hearts and dreams. Opposites may attract but they don't stay together. People stay together because of the amalgam of resonating energetic glue between them.

YOUR LOVE NUMBERS shares the secrets of great relationships. Before you consider marrying, or entering into a partnership of some kind with another person, avail yourself of the knowledge contained within this book. If you don't, you may be sorry. On the other hand, if you do, you may well discover a loving, lasting, and fulfilling partnership and the peace that goes along with it.


• Cries Potter says . . .
Richard Andrew King's book, YOUR LOVE NUMBERS, contains powerful information regarding relationships. The material is interesting, compelling, accessible, easy-to-understand and loads of fun! A real stand out!

• Dr. Emily Hancock, Harvard, Executive Editor: Moxie Magazine, relates . . .
There can be no doubt about the validity of Richard Andrew King's research and intuitive use of numerology. His application of this metaphysical science goes well beyond other ancient schemes such as astrology and the enneagram in giving us direction by clarifying who and what we are.

• Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis, comments . . .
I am finding Richard Andrew King's amazing in-depth system to be a fascinating ancillary to my work as a therapist, and I would highly recommend psychologists and all counselors read Richard's books. I believe even the hardest-core skeptics will be amazed!

• Dr. M.P. Wylie, Founder, Transpersonal Research Foundation, observes . . .
Richard Andrew King's in-depth knowledge and research in numerology can open new doors to the inner soul and give insight to potential relationship building skills!

• Hunter Blue, Metaphysician and Entertainer, New York, says . . .
I truly feel these are ideas whose time has come. What price can you put on saving yourself time and tears and pain from the get-go?

• Lucretius Fiore, General Manager, Learning Light Foundation, notes . . .
A major benefit of Richard's work is in the area of interpersonal relationships. The King's Numerology allows one to understand his or her partner on a much deeper level, giving each the opportunity to create a harmonious, loving, supportive relationship.

Available in Paperback only.

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