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Book: Sun God's Game (GameLit/LitRPG) - Level One - Euryale's Maze (The Wildlings of Belangmore Book 1) by Arwen Chandler

Book: Sun God's Game (GameLit/LitRPG) - Level One - Euryale's Maze (The Wildlings of Belangmore Book 1) by Arwen Chandler

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Arwen Chandler

Author Arwen Chandlerabout this book: What would you risk for a new life?

Born a have-not into a divided Earth, Faydra Morrison does what she can to survive. However, living in a society plagued by Interface addiction and ruled by Ranger Corps means much more than scrounging for food for survival. As resources thin around the globe, the elites have turned to the colonization of Belangmore; a planet promised to be the salvation of mankind. However, passage on the galaxy freighter only comes after surviving the game, and the game is exclusive. Elites can play, have-nots are forbidden -- until now.

Desperate to travel to Belangmore, Faydra risks it all to lead a ragtag team of players into a world where the games are deadly, and nothing is as it seems. When the real world is falling apart, sometimes the only escape is a virtual one.
Will Faydra survive Euryale's Maze and level up as she plays the Sun God's Game? Or, will she lose everything in a game of life and death when the virtual becomes a reality?

Sun God's Game: Euryale's Maze Level One is in the first book in the Wildlings of Belangmore Series and is a GameLit/LitRPG novel.

It's time for you to join the game.

Get your copy of Sun God's Game: Euryale's Maze Level One today!

A Note from the Author:

Sun God’s Game: Level One Euryale’s Maze takes place in a dystopian society, but is unlike other dystopian novels such as The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, or the Divergent Series, because the Wildlings of Belangmore Series is a piece of GameLit with strong science fiction and fantasy elements.

The Wildlings of Belangmore series started as a dream. I dreamt about a battle between a Celtic like tribe fighting against a foreign power who had advanced weaponry. It was only after the dream and a few months contemplation that I decided I wanted to create Sun God’s Game. The funny thing is the initial catalyst won’t even play a role in the series until some later date.

I would say my world is like being on the starship Enterprise and enjoying some time on the holodeck. My favorite episodes of STNG always threw the crew into a fantasy world amidst their science fiction reality happening just outside the doors of the holodeck. This is how I see the Interface on Divided Earth in the Wildlings of Belangmore Series.

I am greatly influenced by books, television, and movies. I’m a writer that sees what I’m creating in life-size cinematic pictures, and I try to create worlds that are visually stunning, and cohesive. I believe that’s what I’ve done with this book, and I have spent a lot of time researching plants, snakes, fauna, flora, and mythology to make sure the world is believable, but also full of magic.
Regarding The Wildlings of Belangmore Series:

Essentially, the people of Divided Earth want to leave to help colonize Belangmore Colony, but in order to get there, they have to play the game. The overall prize of the game is to get a one-way ticket to Belangmore. The colony offers freedom and a promise of a better future, but it’s not what the citizens of the four quadrants have been led to believe.

The game played on the Interface consists of several worlds, and each of the worlds has four levels. The first game world is Sun God’s Game, and the first level is Euryale’s Maze. The first world is based on the city of Atlas or Atlantis and is my take on the mythos of that great legend. The people there worship Tauros a minotaur amongst a pantheon of gods, and a lot of the games revolve around that mythology of my idea of Minoan culture.

I hope you enjoy Sun God’s Game: Level One Euryale’s Maze.

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