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Book: Tigers Of Wrath by Elizabeth Housden

Book: Tigers Of Wrath by Elizabeth Housden

categories: Book, Women's Fiction, Modern Romance, Suspense, Drama, Political Fight, Literary Fiction


Elizabeth Housden

Author Elizabeth Housdenabout this book: Colin du Barrie, RA, might have been the most successful artist in Britain today, his mother, Emmeline thought, but as his agent as well she found him well nigh impossible to manage. Here he was, sulking, and in a furious temper just before she was attempting to launch his latest collection of paintings and sculpture to an excited and expectant world. It didn't help he hadn't invited his wife, the self-centred, ambitious, petulant Griselda either. She didn't care for her daughter-in-law at all, but she was Colin's wife and should be there. But, it seemed, Colin hadn't invited her...

Flora Bellinger, divorcing the duplicitous Edward for one fidelity too many, moves with their two young boys from London to the beautiful Hampshire village of Condashott in search of a new life, unfettered by her cheating husband. She is supremely content and life in this idyllic place is all she wanted it to be. The boys are enrolled in the village school and she makes new friends who readily accept her. Her next door neighbour, though is a surprise to her. He is the famous artist, Colin du Barrie. She has no idea she was living next to a celebrity and a charismatic one, at that.

Then, within weeks of her moving there, out of a clear blue sky comes a bombshell.

The government decides a new motorway is vital in their part of the country and the tranquil, perfect rural life is threatened to come to a grinding halt. The villagers are up in arms and instantly form a campaign committee to fight tooth and nail to keep what they have. Colin spearheads the fight and needs a secretary and Flora is there to fill the role.

However, as the weeks pass, the struggle to keep Condashott for themselves becomes secondary to Colin and Flora as their close working relationship gives them the perfect opportunity to develop their undoubted mutual attraction into a full blown love affair. It must remain a secret for the moment, however, both for the sake of the campaign and to keep this knowledge from their grasping, Machiavellian partners.

But then one of those partners finds out.

And the consequences are more devastating than either Colin or Flora imagined. And... deadly...

Inspiration comes from many a source. I like to think, as I write, of where my characters are - visualise the lanes down which they walk or drive, the village shops, the sight and sound of children rushing out of school, footpaths awash with milk-chocolate coloured mud in February and the scent of wild roses in the hedges in June. I know, too what it is like to fight furiously to protect a village from devastation and how passionately rural communities support one another in their collective struggle to preserve England's green and pleasant land. As well, I was born into a family of artists, my mother was a portrait painter and now, grown up, my two middle children are professional artists, too. Colin du Barrie, although a complete invention, is none the less very real to me. The mantra 'write about what you know' is good advice and thus this story came to be.

I need, too, to be inspired by something to give my novels the titles they need. Always I choose a quote from something I love or which moves me particularly that is absolutely relevant. Tigers of Wrath is part of a quote from one of William Blake's Proverbs of Hell. Colin himself explains the proverb as he sees it and Flora agrees with him. Why are there horses on the cover, then, people ask? They are absolutely vital to the story, these animals in their sculpted form but you will have to read it to find out how and why and why horses are there rather than tigers.

And how they pertain particularly to Colin and Flora, of course...

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