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Book: Life and the Universe by Walter Parks, John Long

Book: Life and the Universe by Walter Parks, John Long

categories: Book, What Is Life, How Universe Started, Is There God, Parallel Universes, Aliens, Finding Alien Life, Exploring the Universe, Finding God, Paranormal, Eternal Life, Immortal, Life and Universe


Walter Parks

Author Walter Parksabout this book: Life and the Universe, Exploring Eternity provides the best answers to the key questions of mankind. This includes: is there a God; how did the universe get started; what is life; are there parallel universes; is there intelligent life out there?

• We explore the theories of the great scientists and physicists from Einstein to Hubble to Heisenberg to Kaku to Hawking to find the answers.

• We explore the evolution of physics from Newton's Basic Laws of Physics to Einstein's Relativity, to String Theory and to M-Theory's Theory of Everything.

• We reveal how "vacuum energy" spontaneously develops in "empty" space to create new energy forms.

• We describe how the universe that we see is only 4% of the total matter and energy in the universe. The rest is "dark matter" and "dark energy" and we describe our best understanding for these ingredients of the universe.

• We describe what life really is and how it got started on Earth. We compare the scientific facts with the Biblical story of creation. There is more agreement than may be expected.

• We explore how the great ancient philosophers tried to provide answers to these key questions and how today philosophers address the questions.

• We provide the best available scientific proofs for our answers.

• We address these answers for baby boomers and for young people just beginning to form their views of life and the universe.

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