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Book: Beyond the Edge of Light by Daniel DuBour

Book: Beyond the Edge of Light by Daniel DuBour

categories: Book, Death, Spirit, Child, Giant, White Wall, Fire, Peace, Joy, Family, Spiritual World, Life After Death


Daniel Allen DuBour

Author Daniel Allen DuBourabout this book: Beyond the Edge of Light is a sequel to my first book, "The Edge of Light." The book continues the story of the same ten characters from the Edge of Light when they are picked up by a giant being and carried off toward the light.

All of the characters experience the same, riding on the shoulder of the giant being, not knowing what to expect. When the giant stops in front of this enormous white wall, it picks the spirit off its shoulder and places it on a hard smooth service and leaves. Bewildered and somewhat unknowing as to what was going to happen to them, fear of the unknown begins to set in. Suddenly after a time of contemplating, the spirit sees a figure coming from this enormous white wall. As it gets closer, the spirit sees that it's a child. The child approaches the spirit with its hand extended. Not speaking a word, the spirit receives a message to take the child's hand. The child directs the spirit in the direction of the wall which opens as they approach. As they enter the wall the spirit receives another message not to be afraid. Suddenly the spirit is surrounded by flames as of in a fire. The child; still holding the hand of the spirit continued guiding it through the flames continuing the messaged to the spirit not to be afraid.

Once out of the flame, the spirit is somewhat relieved. The child lets go of it grip and walks back from where they came. All of the spirits are brought through the flames until they reach the end where they enter heaven. Here is where every spirit is different when they are met by a deceased member of their family who has gone before them. After the joyful reunion, the spirit from their family takes them by the hand and guides them to their family named mansion. There, they meet all of the deceased relatives; some known to them and some not know.

The family spirit who had met them when they first arrived into heaven instructs them on all the joys of heaven and as a spirit of God and what they are capable of doing in the spiritual world.

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