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Book: Diary of my life after death by John Debell

Book: Diary of my life after death by John Debell

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John Debell

Author John Debellabout this book: Forget everything you've heard about death.

Death is most emphatically not the end of life. This is the message of millions of ordinary people who claim to have been through a near death experience (NDE), or have undergone hypnotic regression to the 'life between lives'.

From these individuals we have countless highly detailed descriptions assuring us that our material reality is an illusion; that death of the body is not an end but a homecoming. They tell us that the life between lives is a time when we are reunited with loved ones and receive important insights into who we really are and why we exist.

Extraordinary experiences like these inspired me to write Diary of my life after death. Though rather than simply add to the growing number of books on this subject, I chose instead to show how post-death events are directly relevant to our life prior to death.

The diary of the title is a journal kept by Laurie who, in life, was a small town reporter in a quiet, Bible Belt Tennessee backwater. Desperate for recognition, Laurie penned a series of stories proclaiming a 'second coming', and in the process stirred up a hornet's nest with tragic consequences that ended in her own demise.

'Being dead' is more than a series of profound revelations; it's the first time she's felt truly alive. With no physical body to cloud her judgement, she's free of illusions and everything finally makes sense. She begins by recounting in graphic detail her personal experience of leaving her body, rushing down a long dark tunnel, finding herself in the presence of a brilliant white light and feeling great peace.

She writes with a straight-forward, no-nonsense style - even after death Laurie is down to earth, the same hard-headed sceptic she was in life. She allows neither religious fantasies nor pseudo spiritual delusions to influence her record of events. As when, on finding herself in the presence of a Christ-like figure of light, she acknowledges it as a childish facet of her human self; a reminder that on Earth she had succumbed to the symbols of a fundamentalist upbringing.

The narrative follows her meeting with her soul guide whose role involves easing her back into this state of higher conscious awareness where she discovers that, as with our Earthly existence, our view of reality depends entirely on our conscious development.

She finds that existence on the higher conscious levels is, if anything, a more practical business than on earth. While there are opportunities for leisure and socialising, she's reminded that the purpose of existence is conscious growth, and that here, her primary task is study. There follows a review of the life she just departed, conducted by highly evolved souls. In the great library she is taken through scenarios from her past life, a hands-on process we are all said to undergo using the 'life books' - portals through which we view key events from our life whilst simultaneously re-experiencing those events in order to gain deep insights into ourselves, our relationships and the true nature of life.

The insights that Laurie receives are comprehensive - from the reasons for her difficult relationship with her father, to the influence of genes on the evolution of consciousness.

The book concludes with Laurie participating in the choice a body to be born into for her next incarnation on Earth, and finally with her conscious self merging with her new body and her rebirth.

Although the book is written as fiction to bring the events to life in a human context, I believe the material to be fiction only in that it takes elements of reality and turns them into a story. Profound as these events are – many of them defy description - I am convinced of the authenticity of the experiences on which they are based.

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