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Book: The Pride Guide by Jo Langford

Book: The Pride Guide by Jo Langford

categories: Book, Transgender, Parenting, Puberty, Queer, Sex-Ed, LGBTQ


Jo Langford

Author Jo Langfordabout this book: A complete guide to sexual and social development, safety and health for queer youth and their families. Real-world info and humor, covering every aspect of LGBT adolescence, both online and off, from coming out to coping with minority stress, from sex-ed to social media, from puberty to pronouns and peeing in public.

This book is – proudly - the first puberty book specifically written for queer (in particular trans) youth and the parents and professionals who support them.

• Addresses the various topics pertinent to today's LGBT youth in one, all-encompassing resource.

• Presents the material in as accessible a way (both in terms of tone and structure). My book is written in my unique, direct and often humorous, conversational style as well as broken down into easily digestible chunks (as opposed to paragraph upon paragraph) - making it easier for a young person to flip to any given page and find some useful bit of information.

• Offers resources for both youth AND the adults that care for them in one, contextual form.

This book is the first of its kind. Given the larger cultural moment in which we exist right now, this book is also both right and timely. Never before has this information been as needed or accessible in this way.

Inspired by a combination of the larger-picture culture we are dealing with right now, politically and the shock I felt when I realized that there were no puberty books in print for trans kids. It's a topic I deal with so regularly, and the need is so palpable I think I just naively assumed someone had taken care of that by this point. When I realized there wasn't a legitimate and directed resource for them, I went for it.

I think we are living very palpably in a culture of fear right now. Hate and "Otherness" are blatant, we are seeing swastikas popping up in even the most liberal of cities and some people are still having a hard time wrapping their brains around the concepts of equality and inclusion – to the point that we are debating where elementary school kids can pee. I am hoping that this book can be both a digestible educational tool for those who are on the fence and a bit of a beacon for those dealing with other people's fear and ignorance.

The Pride Guide is primarily written for the youth themselves, though my hope (especially after reading the book) is that adults will become a significant audience as well. In too many ways we, as a culture, are expecting all adolescents figure out this pretty complicated, varisty-level stuff all on their own. Some of this stuff is serious and trial-and-error is unnecessary now – these kids should not have to reinvent their own wheels. If we care about the queer youth in our lives, we have to educate ourselves so we can help protect and empower them.

I've included an entire section (almost a fifth of the book) for parents and supportive adults, because one of the most consistent things I have seen in my twenty years of private practice is the impact of parental attitudes on kids. Whether it is sharing values, setting limits, supporting them in times of trauma or kicking them out in the street – the behaviors of a parents impact a child, good or bad, in significant, significant ways. And parenting and supporting a queer kid IS different than with non-queer kids; the dynamics re different, the stakes are higher and as I say in the book – being LGBT is the only minority in which you may not have similar people in your home or even extended family. With very few exceptions, Jewish kids get to grow up with other Jewish people, Latino kids grow up in a Latino culture…Straight parents of queer kids have to develop of relationship with these things, so they can provide their kids with those same, bigger-picture ideas that, ultimately, will increase their resiliency and pride and reduce the harm they may experience in the world.

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