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Book: Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets - A powerful approach to reprogram your mind for prosperity with Hypnosis, NLP & Brainwave Entrainment by Maria McMahon

Book: Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets - A powerful approach to reprogram your mind for prosperity with Hypnosis, NLP & Brainwave Entrainment by Maria McMahon

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Maria McMahon

Author Maria McMahonabout this book: Murder Is Allowed!

This book has been written to help people stop and think about why they think they way they do, and why those thoughts constantly hold them back from being, doing, and having what they want in life. The biggest criminal in all this is the self-saboteur you carry around inside your head! Truly... that's who needs to be shot down in flames!

So if you want a better life, more love, more money, more happiness... it really can be yours if you can just murder the self-saboteur who is the dark destroyer of all your dreams and hopes. And you can! In my books, (and definitely this one!) murder IS allowed! I did it... I murdered several times actually! And I wrote this book to explain to you exactly how you can find and eliminate the self-limiting beliefs, the inner-saboteur, the doubter, and then overcome them all. I give you lots of insights into how your conscious mind, subconscious mind and brain all work... and how to make them all work in harmony to help you get what you want. It's fascinating!

But what makes this book really special is that I've created a new kind of hypnotherapy recording technique that I've termed 'Cogni-Fusion' to help you achieve stratospheric changes in your thinking. Now, 'Cogni-Fusion' is basically where I've combined hypnosis, NLP, Brainwave Entrainment, Subliminal Messages and several other techniques into a multi-layered listening experience that is nothing like you'll find anywhere else. I used myself as a guinea pig when I started experimenting... and developed a system that enabled me to lose 20lbs, cure my insomnia, and so much more. I then got lots of new guinea pigs to try it out and was thrilled to find out that it worked for them too!

So what choice did I have but to write the book and make the recordings and put them out there for other people to enjoy and benefit from? None! It's done, and Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets is the end result, and my first book in the Cogni-Fusion Personal Development Series.

If you're tired of all the empty promises and want some practical tools that take you beyond the written word, my book comes with 5 core 'Cogni-Fusion' 60 minute MP3s that have been created to accompany the book, and help you nail down every aspect of your Law of Attraction Journey. You'll have no excuses for not making it work if you just become my next guinea pig and follow the guidelines in my book, and listen to my frankly amazing recordings. And that's not all… because I really want you to succeed with this, I'm available for support throughout your journey.

So, if you are ready to commit murder… get my book and let's start our killing spree to eliminate the limiting-beliefs, the inner saboteur and everything else that is holding you back!

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