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Book: The Cannon King's Daughter by David Stroebel

Book: The Cannon King's Daughter by David Stroebel

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David Stroebel

Author David Stroebelabout this book: The Cannon King's Daughter is the true, untold story of an investigation conducted by a New Jersey man into the true identity of his deceased, German-born great-grandmother who lived in Jersey City, New Jersey and whose name was Engelbertha Krupp. She was banished and disinherited from her wealthy Krupp dynasty family for not obeying her father's orders not to marry a poor, shoemaker employed at the Krupp estate in Essen. Fourteen revelations passed down through five generations by five family relative's support the author's finding that his great-grandmother was banished and disinherited from Germany's 400-year-old steel and munitions dynasty that armed Germany through two world wars. Two years of intense research unearthed century-old photographs, documents and revelations from relatives and one key photograph from the Krupp Archives in Germany of Engelbertha Krupp showing Engelbertha sitting next to her mother, Bertha Krupp. Was she Germany's, "Anastasia?"

I was inspired to research my family origins upon the death of my Aunt Gloria Stroebel Bekker in 2007 and whom I'd never met. I felt very guilty because she sustained very serious head injuries in a crash in 1966 and was no longer able to comprehend the world around her as we knew it. Having never attempted to visit her during my lifetime, I felt very guilty about that. Her death motivated me to begin researching my family origins in New Jersey and Germany. The primary readers of my book are World War II and German history enthusiasts. The book took 10 months to write, minus the time devoted to research. I came up with the title, "The Cannon King's Daughter: Banished from a Dynasty, the true, untold story of Engelbertha Krupp," as a self-descriptor. The, "Cannon King," was my great-great-grandfather, Alfred Krupp and the title was also an announcement that, surprise, he had a daughter and that I uncovered what he did to her.

My book is a pay-back to him. It tells him that he did not get away with this and his evil deed has been uncovered after 136 years. The hardest part of writing the book was learning all about genealogy and where to find very old information. It was a steep learning curve to locate sources of information like getting an English version copy of the law that existed in Prussia is 1874, the year I pinpointed the banishment of my great-grandmother. I used a photograph I consider the "smoking gun," and strongest piece of evidence I've found- An 1868 photograph of my great-grandmother sitting with her parents and brother. Her resemblance to both parents in the photograph is undeniably and unquestionably strong to both parents. I also used all 14 revelations given to me by relatives I'd never heard of before I began my research including revelations of a very large unexplained trail of money whose origins are from Alfred Krupp to daughter Engelbertha so that she could immigrate to the United States with. This sum still exists today in a form of a trust fund for two living Stroebele descendants in upstate New York. The original sum was valued at between $2-$6 million dollars in 2009 dollars. As far as the cover goes, I did not want to make the cover complicated, so I chose a photograph of her taken in 1906 when she was living in Jersey City. I added a Nazi swastika as a message to those that I knew about the Krupp history from World War II. I still get questions today asking me if I am aware of the Krupp legacy in World War II.

Not what, but who did I involve in my research? I involved Michael Burlingham, the great-grandson of famous New York City jeweler Louis Comfort Tiffany Jr. I also involved John Manchester, son of the late author William Manchester, relatives Caroline Marchuck, Dorothy Borchers, Patricia Dawley, Robert Stroebel, Kate Shaver, Roland Stroebel, Mary Stroebel, Theresa Stroebel, Charles Stroebele, Theodore Beebe, Lillian Goldberg, Greg Harlow, Gloria Harlow, Nancy Ahlers, Peter Bekker, Mary Beth Cornell, John J. Stroebel, John S. Stroebele and Kay Strobel. Others involved were the Krupp Archives in Essen, Germany, English author, conductor and classical music historian and musicologist Christopher Fifield based in London, the Protestant Church of Essen, The Mayor of Sigmaringen, St. John's Catholic Church in Sigmaringen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Sigmaringen City Archives, Berlin City Palace Archives, ten Catholic churches surrounding Hamburg, Germany, Jersey City Free Public Library,, the New Jersey State Archives, Stamford School of Medicine. Book: "Krupp Steel Works," Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, Stroebel family military records (National Archives), passenger manifest records, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints history centers and films, US Census reports, military draft cards, New Jersey, Bureau of Vital Statistics (death/birth certificates), German birth and death records, old archive copies of Hudson Evening News, Jersey Journal, obituaries, Freiberg, Baden-Wurttemberg Archives. Published books on the Krupps (Arms of Krupp, Incredible Krupps, Gjenvick Gjonvik Archives for cost data for passenger tickets in 1883, to compare dollar amounts from years ago, Norwegian Heritage. "Norwegian Heritage Hands Across the Sea." Norwegian Heritage., Castle garden Immigration and Ellis Island Immigration web sites, Naturalization record for John Stroebele,, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia web sites, family email correspondence, recorded telephone conversations with relatives, marriage record for John and Engelbertha Krupp in Germany, Marriage record for Alfred Krupp and Bertha Eichhoff in Germany, Baptizmal record for Friedrich Krupp in Germany, Deed and mortgage documents from Albany, NY, Monticello, NY and Jersey City, NJ, a 1928 letter to John Stroebele from niece in Germany, Gopsill's historic address directories, study: Housing Conditions in Jersey City, Mary Sayles, January, 1903, email correspondence from German bank, Commerzbank, St. Paul of the Cross RC Church/St. Anne's RC Church in Jersey City, on-site visit to Flower Hill Cemetery/Weehawken Cemetery in North Bergen, Albany Directory for the Year Ending 1918, Albany Public Library, Sheet Metal Worker's Journal, Jan 1922, Book: Kate Woodbridge Michaelis, Ortho E. Michaelis, E. Monthaye, E. Alfred Krupp: a sketch of his life and work: after the German of Victor Niemeyer, Book: Nature doctors: pioneers in naturopathic medicine. Friedhelm Kirchfeld, Wade Boyle. Portland, OR. Medicina Biologica, East Palestine, Ohio. Buckeye Naturopathic Press. "Krupp, the gunmaker, dies suddenly," The New York Times. November 22, 1902. The Overland Monthly, Vol. LXXII- Second Series. July-December, 1918. Marriage record for Emma Stroebele and Eugene Kromer, 10 August 1869, St. John's Catholic Church Register, Sigmaringen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Otto Stroebell, SS Allemannia Passenger Manifest, 11 June 1866. Passenger Manifest, 5 December 1882. Adolph Stroebele, SS Hermann Passenger Manifest, 22 October 1866. Bertha Stroebele, SS Westphalia Passenger Manifest, 27 March 1883. "Emma, Eugene, Eugene John, Emma Anna, and Marie Emma Kromer." Photographs. Sigmaringen, Baden-Wurttemberg. Kugler, G.F., Photographer. Emma Kromer 1878. Photograph. Sigmaringen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. c.1878. J.H. Smith, Photographer. "Emma Kromer 1892." Photograph. Newark, New Jersey. 1892. Young, Sol. Photographer. "Emma Kromer 1906." Photograph. New York, New York. Sol Young Studios. "Emma Kromer with John and Engelbertha Stroebele." Photograph. 25 November 1906.

To my readers: The revelations came first. When I investigated, the photographs and records came after. This is not my story. It is the story as told by my five relatives who passed revelations to me. I wrote this book because I felt it was important for our family to know the truth. My great-great grandfather thought he had contained the knowledge of the banishment of his daughter from public light and the illegitimate son named Wilhelm Lobbert he fathered and discarded overseas. How many other illegitimate children are out there we do not yet know about? He was wrong. No one has the right to take away someone else's very existence by destroying their church records and no church has the right to obey those orders from such a man. I guess I am avenging my great-grandmother's banishment 139 years after the fact.

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