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Book: KI Energy - Unlocking the Hidden Potential by Joseph Lee Vreeland

Book Review: KI Energy - Unlocking the Hidden Potential by Joseph Lee Vreeland

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Joseph Lee Vreeland

Author Joseph Lee Vreelandabout this book: The book is about finding and unlocking the potential of the mind and using the energies around you to help in everyday life processes, also there is information about developing better fighting skills in the martial arts like raising your strength, speed, agility and stamina. After about 23 years training in the martial arts I took all the information I had gained to also training in energy manipulation for about 18 years and putting that into my martial arts training to help gain better focus on what I was doing. Seeing people struggling in day to day life I wanted to help others to awaken the potential of what they could actually do with their lives and help to eliminate the need for medication to our soldiers who came back, so that they could lead every day lives again without having psychological issues, I would say that the main inspiration for writing the book would be helping to see the advancement in the human race. Once I started writing the book it took me about 1 1/2 years to completely write the book.

After talking with several friends about the title of the book and as the book writing progressed, the title just sort of formed in my mind because that is what I wanted to ultimately do, was to unlock the potential of the mind and to advance in every way possible. For the Kindle version of the book the cover was used to show the difference between the good as well as the bad parts of life. To become a true master at anything you have to experience both sides. The hardest part of writing the book was to decide where to end the book at and where to continue the next book at.

I did all the research for the book, reading information from physical book as well as online and actually doing testing on every technique within the chapter about the elements as well as the astral training and the physical benefits of doing the training. Actually writing the book I was able to figure out how one can push themselves to the furthest possible limitation and then to try to go beyond what the limitation was telling me that I could not do. If you do not give your all when you try to do things in your life and open your minds to new experiences then you just stay locked within the flow of society and obey what is provided for you to succeed, I say walk away from typical society and remove all limitations allow the power and energy within you to flow and see for yourself how the world around you truly is.

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 Amazing reading

To me it is an amazing book because it really is the first time I read something about KI Energy which happens to be very interesting. The book is easy to read, its clear in the ideas and its a very honest work of the author. It is a very inspiring book to everybody that wants to discover their own true power in within themselves, to know what we are here for in this life and what to do with it as well as to improve our lives. [by Ki Dojo]

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