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Book: Blooms, Blunders, and Blessings by Marjorie Eldred

Book Reviews: Blooms, Blunders, and Blessings by Marjorie Eldred

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Marjorie Eldred

Author Marjorie Eldredabout this book: Blooms, Blunders, and Blessings.



You created one of the most beautiful gardens on the block. Neighbors loved to gather in your garden, admire your accomplishments, talk about your 'green thumb.'

But you knew, deep inside, that everything in your garden was a gift from God, the Creator of all the beauties on the earth. You felt His presence as you dug the moist fertile soil, admired the scent of the lily or the rose, harvested bountiful zucchini or lacy cilantro from your vegetable garden.

Now you feel trapped, prisoner of a body that is no longer equal to the demands of a garden. You still admire the beauty as you look through the windows…or maybe you no longer have a garden, or a window to look through.


I have GOOD NEWS for you.

What if I told you that you can EXPERIENCE IT ALL AGAIN? That there is a book that will take you to the garden, let you feel the joy of seeing that first robin hopping among your crocus, pecking at worms invisible to you, eyeing you from the neighbor's fence?

What if you could FEEL AGAIN THE WONDER of standing beneath the luxuriant green leaves of a white Calla Lily? Or wonder about the miracle of a broken tree miraculously healed?

You can experience all this by reading BLOOMS, BLUNDERS, AND BLESSINGS. Don't you want to feel it all again, the exuberance of a luxuriant garden?

If the answer is 'yes,' act now to' bring joy back into your life.


Why are all those B's in the title? I wanted it that way, and thought Blooms, Blunders and Blessings expressed perfectly the contents of the book. The cover is a picture of me in my Wenatchee garden years ago. The moles eat the bulbs in the coastal region where I live now.Bummer!

I enjoyed writing this book and know you will enjoy reading it. My garden is full of surprises: Beautiful bloom and fragrances just when I need to see them, moles pushing up through my grass, deer and rabbits lunching in my bower or gazing at me as if mesmerized, an unexpected remembrance of my Savior inspired by a white lily spreading its fragrance and blooming in the night or a realization of the temporary nature of it all after a tornado came surprisingly close to our security. My responses to these surprises are written for you in prose and poetry in Blooms, Blunders and Blessings: Garden Stories I Had to Tell. If you love nature and its surprises you'll love this small book. There's something in it for everyone who writes and gardens. You can read it in an hour and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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 Marjorie Eldred is the real deal

I know her personally and when she writes about her own life, if it's gardens or mishaps or Good News, she's lived it and tells the truth about it. She's got Bible wisdom and personal experience to draw on. We'll be lucky if she decides to write some more from her life and heart. [by Doug vanderHoof]

 An Enchanting Read

I invite you to take a leisurely stroll in Marjorie Eldred's "Blooms, Blunders and Blessings!" Linger along the garden paths and listen closely as she meticulously tells stories of garden adventures. While birds serenade from their nests, relax under a tree and feel the rhythm of Eldred's poetry heal a restless soul. "Blooms, Blunders and Blessings" is an enchanting read that leaves the garden visitor with a deep awe and reverence of creation; and just like the trees, our hands are compelled to lift in praise and admiration to the Creator who perfects our imperfections into what we call "a garden". [by Brenda Whetstone Sutcliffe]

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