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Book: The Jeppsian Book Of The Living by Simon Edward Jepps

Book: The Jeppsian Book Of The Living by Simon Edward Jepps

categories: Book, Scripture, Religion, Philosophy, Prophetship, Poetry, Inter-Religious, Cooperation, Harmony, Diversity, World, Peace, Jeppsian

Simon Edward Jepps

Author Simon Edward Jeppsabout this book: The Jeppsian Book Of The Living (TJBOTL) is the official scripture of the Jeppsian philosophy - it is the most wealthiest and complete collection of all original Jeppsian philosophy teachings by its founder Simon Edward Jepps, also known as Svoreign Jepps by spiritual transcendence.

The Jeppsian Book Of The Living is the ultimate book to read if you want to learn about Jeppsian philosophy, Jeppsian psychology and also Jeppsian music. The book is named as such since it is intended as a 'spiritually academic, recreational and fulfilling companion to life'. The book contains not only all Jeppsian philosophy teachings, but orchestral music scores, some more personal poetical reflections on Simon's own life, and most uniquely, the inclusion of Simon's own spiritually diverse Chess variant, written and created as a recreational medium to his own philosophy.

TJBOTL is composed of five main books: Book 1 - The Svoreign Bible, which is the original main Jeppsian scripture, a very poetical seminar into the nature of God and how religious diversity and inter-religious harmony is a real truth that can be achieved; Book 2 - For Peace, which is a collection of four pieces of orchestral music manuscripts including a Jeppsian chant; Book 3 - Without Capricorns, which is a poetical diary of Jepps' early life and into adulthood, covering many themes including some philosophy, but also love, scholarship and life; Book 4 -Jeppseirawan, which is a spiritually diverse Chess variant, a recreational pastime for those who appreciate Jeppsian philosophy; and Book 5 - Ophiuchus, which is the final book of Jeppsian philosophy teachings and which covers teachings on celibacy, its benefits to the mind and soul, the afterlife, rational spiritual analysis of the paranormal and of extraterrestrial life and also teachings into how love itself is a miracle that can better our lives in more ways than perhaps expected.

TJBOTL concludes with a final philosophical epilogue which offers further understanding of spirituality, the nature of God and most importantly of ourselves as a living race.

Jeppsism, or commonly 'Svoreignity', is the name given to the Jeppsian philosophy.

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