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Book: Ulysses Uncovered by Patrick Moloney

Book: Ulysses Uncovered by Patrick Moloney

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Patrick Moloney

Author Patrick Moloneyabout this book: I first came to Dublin city in the 1960s and was immediately struck by the abundance of Dublin characters all around me. Of particular enjoyment were the bus drivers and bus conductors; the postmen and the breadmen; the milkmen and the grocers; shopkeepers and barmen, and not least by any means the drinking fraternity that frequented the pubs in the evenings. I got to love their patter and their banter; their comments and their jokes. I got to love them as persons in their own right. This was not difficult because they always had a great welcome for the outsider. I got to appreciate the musicality of their speech, its rhythm and cadence.

In later years when I introduced myself to James Joyce's Ulysses I was immediately struck by the abundance of Dublin characters described within it and I heard again the music, the chatter and the camaraderie I heretofore experienced. I read Ulysses avidly. I re-read it several times and the more I did the more I appreciated the essential Dublin-ness of Leopold Bloom – a true Dub if ever there was one. I got to empathise with the trials and tribulations of Stephen. I got to love the raunchy Molly Bloom. And more than that, I got to understand that Dublin in 1904 was peopled by a huge number of remarkable and talented people, people who instigated and maintained the Great Irish Revival in culture and arts, in music and song, in poetry and drama, in literature and language, and indeed lots more besides.

And I kept notes of my observations. I queried many of my acquaintances who too had studies James Joyce's Ulysses. I read many of the books and commentaries on his epic. All the time I was surprised that my approach was unlike the others, that my insights were different, and that - quite often - my views were unique. And too, I met far too many readers, readers that I respected, who baulked at the challenge of reading Ulysses through.

This is why Ulysses Uncovered came about. This book is for them. It is a guide to Ulysses, a summary of Ulysses and a commentary on Ulysses. Not only is it a Ulysses summary it is also a Ulysses analysis.

Ulick O'Connor, the well-known intellectual figure in contemporary Irish affairs wrote about Ulysses Uncovered as follows: 'I have read your 'Ulysses Uncovered'. I think it fills a gap. None of the other attempts to make Joyce's complicated work understandable have taken your approach... '

More information on Ulick O'Connor comments can be got on the book's website: Ulick O'Connor's best known writing is his biographies of Oliver St John Gogarty and Brendan Behan. Oliver St John Gogarty – immortalised as Buck Mulligan in Ulysses – was a friend of Ulick's and he appointed Ulick to be his biographer.

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