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Book: Prince Korasoff's Road Map by Gervase T.M. Shorter

Book: Prince Korasoff's Road Map by Gervase T.M. Shorter

categories: Book, Stendhal, Puglia, Lecce, Matera, Abortion, Puccini, Turner, Atheism, Internet Dating

Gervase T.M. Shorter

Author Gervase T.M. Shorterabout this book: How do two desperately shy people fall in love? How do they overcome their inhibitions in order to approach each other? These were the questions I was asking myself and I thought the interference of a third character, a friend of one of them, might make their love affair possible. I remembered Prince Korasoff in one of Stendhal's novels producing fifty three love letters guaranteed to conquer any woman's heart with detailed instructions on how they should be delivered. But what would Korasoff do in the twenty first century because of course nobody writes letters nowadays; they use the Internet. And then I thought: every day I get online there's a barrage of Internet dating agencies – that's what Korasoff would do: he'd create RM2R (Road Map to Romance), a fake internet dating agency so that's what my heroine's interfering friend does – and it works, at least to begin with. They fall in love.

How do two people who've only seen each other at the library where they are both doing research get to know each other? What do they talk about? Love stories are really hard to write (in my opinion) because falling in love is such an intense experience but at the same time it's one that nearly everyone goes through so it's very difficult to imagine episodes that haven't been used so often that they've become clichés or to find new words in which to describe them.

Edward and Albertine go for a holiday in south Italy and there they become lovers. The photographs on the cover of 'Prince Korasoff's' Road Map' were taken by me when I was on a vacation in Puglia. One of them is of the gorge at Matera where a key incident in the book takes place.

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