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Book: Planning Power - Utilize the Power that is already yours by Tippy Felzenstein

Book: Planning Power - Utilize the Power that is already yours by Tippy Felzenstein

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Tippy Felzenstein

Author Tippy Felzensteinabout this book: This book is about the hidden power that we have within us to plan our life. It is the journey that took me to the understanding that I was planning my life without even knowing it. It is about how I had to break every bone in my money, (well almost every bone) in order to have a clear vision of the fact that we create everything that is in our life.

So if we look around in our life and see that most of things are positive, then we are generally the kind of people that think positive most of the time, and vise versa on the negative side.

The power to plan that we have is not hidden at all, it is just hidden in plain sight because we ignore it completely.

This book is about making concrete plans for your life. Most people spend more time planning a wedding, which is only a one day event, than planning their life, which is every other day of their life.

Because the fact is that
"You can never get rich or start the creative power into action, by sending our unformed longings and vague desires?" Wallce Wattles

This book will give you the inspiration to plan and many ideas and tools on how to plan the most important thing in your life; YOUR LIFE.

• What inspired you to write this book?
I love to write. I don't write all the time, although I want to, but I am not yet perfect, but when I am, I will write all the time, or at least every day. My inspiration to write on this specific issue was because I was my own best client. I was the one that needed that inspiration and guidance, and what better way to motivate myself into a better life, then to write about it, and research it, and most important of all DO IT!

• Who are the primary readers of your book?
The primary readers of this book are ready, willing and able to take that bold action that is needed to really make a difference. The book took me from desperation to inspiration, therefore, if someone is in a desperate state of mind, and has been through the mill, but still understands their divine nature, in that they have the ability to create, and to change and to reshape their life. This book will take them from being down and out to being up and about and shining. It is also for anyone who already knows all that stuff, but just needs a powerful reminder that "time is fleeting, and madness takes control, but listen closely, not for very much longer, cause "I" have got to take control" Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Basically it is mostly for those who want to take control of their life and grab it by the most sensitive part of their being.

• How long did it take to write it?
The answer to that question would be; 'forever'

I wrote and re wrote the book, over and over again, until one day a writer told me that if I keep doing that, it would go on forever, because that is a never ending process. So I forced myself to submit it and to bite my tongue and publish it. I can probably keep on editing it now, but I force myself every time I read it, not to edit again. But I don't promise that I won't edit one day in the future.

• What do you want to say to your readers?
I want my readers to know that without them, writing would be pointless. Just like without a driver, a car would be pointless, and without an audience a great show would not exist. Every single reader is a pearl, and every time they will read it, they will learn something new. When they stop learning, they will stop reading and the book will be dead. This is the kind of book that is alive with the desire to inspire, to evolve, and to touch them in a way that will make their life better. I want my horrific pain that I endured due the fact that I was ignorant of the very basic law of nature; to serve as evidence that life IS amazing. That way, they don't have to go through the pain I suffered in order to wake up and take control of something that is already theirs. We have been given this amazing body, to ride throughout life, and we have not been given a manual. Sadly I only realized I had this precious gift when I was threatened by the fear of perhaps, losing it completely, but it doesn't have to be like that for anyone else ever, if only they will listen.

• What was the hardest part of writing your book.
The hardest part of writing this book, was writing this book. I lost my house in the process of writing this book. The real estate market crashed and I lost my job and my office, and my clients. My car crashed, it was hit from the back during the time I was writing this book, and although I thought that all that stuff may make up a great book, and I even have clips and ideas to write on everything that happen while I was writing this book. This book emerged from my writing without my specific intention to write it.

• Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I learned every single chapter in this book as I was writing it. I was putting everything into practice because I was told that if I don't live the book and try to implement those ideas on my own blood, it would have no value.

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