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Book: Free Agent by Rennie Curran

Book: Free Agent by Rennie Curran

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Rennie Curran

Author Rennie Curranabout this book: This book is about how we all eventually end up in a time of transition and the journey we go through to find ourselves when we are in that no mans land. I use the analogy of being a free agent because being in your time of transition whether you are coming out of college to the real world, just getting fired from your job, or ending a relationship is similar to how an athlete has to choose their own destiny as a free agent with different factors to consider. You are at a crossroad. The book talks about using this time to develop key principles like self-confidence, discipline, determination, and humility. Principles that can help you become a success if your able to understand and value them. I came up with the title after I was released from my first NFL team, the tennessee titans. I realized that even though I was a jobless free agent not knowing where my future was headed, so many other people in other walks of life would be faced with the same situation eventually. I began writing as a way to keep myself motivated as well as to motivate others. The cover for my book shows the correlation of how football is much like the game of life, which is one of the first points I make in my book. The book entails a lot of my experiences going from a young kid with a dream into a professional athlete trying to provide for his family. I learned so much from writing the book. I began to realize that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and that everyone has a story that could inspire someone. It has been awesome to hear the feedback that I have gotten. I never planned on writing a book, especially at this young of age. I am only 24. I believed that a lot more people would be able to relate to where I was than if I had waited to become famous like a lot of people do. I hope that my readers will see that just because you are going through tough times does not mean it has come to destroy you.



"Rennie captured life perfectly for everyone. The book took me back to the basics of life and where happiness is obtained. Remembering life as a kid and applying it to all facets of life now, whether it be school or work. Remaining humble, productive, working hard and giving back will accomplish great things and set you in the right directions for your life. This is a must read for everyone. Great guide points to live life by from a hard working young man. God is good"

"Free Agent - We are all "free agents!" This is a book about life...and the adventure we all are on.

Rennie Curran, former linebacker at UGA and whose family is from Liberia, shares with us an extraordinary story of personal growth, faith and triumph over adversity. "Like a boxer in a fight, there are times when life will straight-up knock your lights out, and most of the time, you won't even see it coming. However, the only way you will lose is if you stay on the ground. You must have the ability to get back up, dust yourself off and keep on moving," writes Rennie.

• Do you have a dream?
• Has your dream faded?
• Are you trying to formulate a dream?

Grab a cup of coffee, go onto the porch and immerse yourself in Rennie's story for a couple of hours. Let him share with you his journey in regard to:

• Self-Control and Sacrifice
• Pride and Humility
• Failures
• Self-Motivation and Pushing Your Dreams
• Self-Confidence and Determination
• Giving Back
• Relationships, Family, Faith

What do you do when your dreams turn to dust? Like Rennie, you can turn failures into strengths; adversities into opportunities.

This is a book for all people of all ages."

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