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Book: Pleas, Praises and Promises by Evelyn M. Johnson

Book Reviews: Pleas, Praises and Promises by Evelyn M. Johnson

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Evelyn M. Johnson

Author Evelyn M. Johnsonabout this book: This book is about promises that God has for persons who call upon him during various challenges in their lives. These persons call upon God and praise God by using the Psalms. The inspiration behind this work was my own personal spiritual battle with the enemy. The primary readers are adults. The title flowed during the last year of writing through much prayer. The cover was designed by the publisher but a similar image was embedded in my mind. The hardest part about writing this book was searching for Psalms that spoke to the individual and interpreting the scriptures to line up with real life's issues. What I learned from writing my book was that all things are possible with God and that there is always a solution to every problem if we listen to God's word. My wish to my readers is that I wish above all things that they prosper and be in health, even as their souls proper as it is written in 3John 2.

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Devil Defying Devotional For Sale

Evelyn M. Johnson

a comment by Evelyn M. Johnson

Devil defying devotional for sale? What does that mean? Well, I will tell you as I have experienced it. As a child and servant of God, I am in daily battle with the enemy. The enemy presents [itself, herself, himself] in many forms. Many call the enemy the devil. Many blame the devil for their misfortunes, misadventures and mishaps. Not all our troubles are spearheaded by the devil, but, yes, the majority are because the devil is an adversary of God and God's people.

However, I have learned that God has given me the power to overcome the enemy each and every time [it, he, she] shows [its, his, her] ugly head. God has gifted me with the word of wisdom and the word of discernment. I learned all of this through Bible study and prayer. By having a personal relationship with Christ, I can talk and pray directly to him. Nonetheless, there are times that it becomes difficult to pray. The enemy attacks our minds and our speeches. That is when I turn to the Psalms.

But let's face it, we are living an ipod, ipad, iphone, ihome, I gotta go time when we need to get things done quickly and 24 hours in one day just does not seem enough. All of this is because we put more on our plates than we can eat. We are texting and emailing and surfing the net, playing games, running businesses that we have little time to spend with God. So there goes our much needed time with God. We want to find the solution to a quick interaction with God or like the song goes, have a little talk with Jesus but how do we go about it?

The book of Psalms is replete with prayers, remedies and blessings that bring strength, comfort and peace. Conversely, searching the corresponding verse to the problem at hand is, let's face it, time consuming; and not all the time we know exactly where to begin to search for the scripture that speaks to the situation, challenge, issue or problem at hand.

Pleas, Praises and Promises is THE guide that directs YOU to the specific PERSONAL Psalm with its corresponding two verses, one being a plea the next being a promise from God that you can bet your bottom dollar will come to pass.

For example:


No one is exempt from oppression. Like the psalmist, you too
can experience oppression, which may cause you to agonize.
However, if you believe in God's promises and put all your
trust in God, and then God will put your enemies in their place.

When in agony (verse 4) concerning being double-crossed
by a friend or friends, God's word (verse 23) promises to
take care of them for you.

Psalm 55

4 My heart is in anguish within me,
the terrors of death have fallen upon me.

23 But you, O God, will cast them down
into the lowest pit;
the bloodthirsty and treacherous
shall not live out half their days.
But I will trust in you. (NRSV)

In another section you will find the verse corresponding to your praise (see the difference?) then a promise from God that will come to pass. One more example -another section features the verse which shows you God's promises already fulfilled then your praise for those promises that have already been fulfilled.

There are different aspects of God's involvement in these verses, God's presence, God's performance and God's protection. You can actually see God's performance in verse 23 – cast then down and you can see God's promise God WILL!

According to many persons who have purchased Pleas, Praises and Promises, they have first read it through, like a book with chapters, to get the feel of it, THEN they pick it up each time they are dealing with their own personal issues and their battles with the enemy.

 It's a blessing

I give her book a 5 star rating - I like it very much; it is a good book to read. You will be blessed from it. [by Tanya and James Carter]

 Simply a Godsend

This beautifully structured piece of work is simply a Godsend. It is a wonderful, quick, go-to reference for anyone who may not know where to begin or where in the Bible to look for many issues we face today. It has lifted me up and encouraged me in some of my most trying of times, as well as motivated me to study more of my Bible. This book and the author have truly been a blessing to me! [by Chinia Sydnor]

 A Spirit Strengthening Book

This book has been an inspiration to me. I read it when I am in a dark place and it lifts my spirit and brings me hope. It is lightweight and easy to store. The subjects are real and the scriptures are faith builders. I recommend it to any person whether he or she has a prayer life or not. [by Butch]

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