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Book: Blue Sky Lightning - How To Survive And Thrive When Life Blindsides You by Jeff Kuhn

Book: Blue Sky Lightning - How To Survive And Thrive When Life Blindsides You by Jeff Kuhn

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Jeff Kuhn

Author Jeff Kuhnabout this book: My book is a true story that reads like fiction. I came back from two, near-death experiences in the span of just four years. I wrote the book specifically to help all those who are facing adversity. No one goes through life unscathed, and I hope my journey will encourage others who are fighting their own battles not to give up. The odds of me being alive today are truly one in a million, but I never quit fighting even when my situation looked extremely bleak. I was burned over 80% of my body, and it took 18 major surgeries just to give me the opportunity to be healthy again. Then I contracted an unknown neuromuscular disease that doctors had never seen before. Once again, I was told I would die, but here I am thanks to a relentless desire to stay alive. I want my readers to know they possess the same powerful survival instinct I have, and they can summon it up when they need it. The events in the book took place 25 to 30 years ago. Many friends told me I should write a book about my two, near-death experiences and the battle it took to regain full health. Again, this was 25 years ago, and I was only 35 years old. I was anxious to get on with my new, "normal" life, so I really had no interest in reliving the difficult five and one-half year period. I also told them: "Who is going to want to read my story?". I was perfectly fine mentally and physically, but I didn't think there would be any interest in my odyssey. Fast forward 25 years: My son is about to head off to college this fall, and I have been thinking about what I could do next for a career. I was very interested in helping other people, and then I suddenly realized my story could be very useful to all those who are facing adversity in their lives. I wrote an article about my story which I published on LinkedIn about 15 months ago to see if there was any interest in my experiences. Well, over 1,000 people read the fine-page article, and I received a great deal of positive feedback. I then realized there was a market for my book, so I found a publisher and "Blue Sky Lightning: How To Survive And Thrive When Life Blindsides You" was released on December 11, 2018. I thought writing a book would be the best way to reach lots of people. The more people that read the book, the more people I can potentially help. The other major reason I wrote the book was to hopefully launch a motivational speaking career. My book could help many people, but hearing my story in a presentation was another way to get the message out. It took about eleven months to complete the book, and I learned just how hard it is to write a good book! Because the purpose of my book was to help other people, I never had any doubts that I was doing the right thing. I actually enjoyed writing the book, because it gave me the opportunity to remember all the great people I met along the way. The book was also an excellent way to say "Thank You" to the hundreds of people who contributed to my recoveries. Not many people knew I was writing a book, but my wife was very encouraging, and she gave me many great ideas to incorporate in the book. The book has been out about four or so months, and I have received dozens of very positive reviews of my work. My world hasn't changed much yet, but I hope the book will continue to sell well, and I still want to become a motivational speaker. I never thought I would be a bestselling author, so that was a big surprise. Let me be honest: Amazon has dozens of book categories, and I did reach #1 in 3 categories, but I am not a bestselling author in the sense most people would assume. I'm doing well, but I'm no Oprah Winfrey! Assuming you're comfortable talking about your experience, then I would encourage you to tell your story. You don't necessarily have to write a book. You could write an article, start a blog, etc. Helping others makes me happy, so telling your story could do the same for you – and you'll improve someone else's life. I don't want anyone to give up. As long as your chance of success is greater than zero, you can succeed. We all face adversity in our lives, and I hope my story will encourage readers to never give up. Don't ever quit!

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