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Book: The Earth is a Floating Sphere - A Care-Free Collection of Poems and Stories by Casey Sean Harmon

Book: The Earth is a Floating Sphere - A Care-Free Collection of Poems and Stories by Casey Sean Harmon

categories: Book, Short Stories, Poems for Children, Thought-Provoking, Floating Sphere, Funny Poems, Military Stories, Space Dome, Christian, About Life, Inspirational Poetry

Casey Sean Harmon

Author Casey Sean Harmonabout this book: Discover the book that made it to the Best Seller's list in THREE different categories within hours of its release!

"The Earth is a Floating Sphere" is a collection of some of my most imaginative and unique poems and short stories. In these writings I have tried to capture every feeling imaginable, from the joy felt on Thanksgiving Day to the fear experienced on the battle field. You will enter the mysterious city of Ekerbraun, walk in the shoes of a "Low Fellow" and marvel in amazement at Susan the talking dog. The theme of this collection is to celebrate human emotion. The poems are short and fun to read, with plenty of food for thought. You will also find an array of unusual and random photographs. I will warn you, however: these poems and stories are not meant to fall into any known category, which is why I have labeled them "Care-Free." You will have to think hard about some of the writings if you are to discover a meaning.

The story behind the story:

On 21 September, 2012 I was browsing through some of my old writings when an idea popped into my head: why not add some of my poems and short stories together into a collection and self-publish a book? It wasn't going to be anything serious. I just wanted to have a little fun. I sat down and did a little copy and pasting, and within an hour I had a collection of thirteen poems and three short stories. Nothing big. Again, I wanted to keep this project simple. I did a little research and decided that I would self-publish my new poem book through Amazon Direct, which would make my book available on Amazon Kindle. I uploaded my book, and within a few hours my book was live on Again, no big deal. Anyone could have done it. I posted about the book on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and then I walked away from my computer. My wife had just finished making dinner, and we watched an episode or two of Cake Boss while we ate.

When I returned to my computer a few hours later I could not believe my eyes. There was my book, listed #2 on the Hot New Releases list! I clicked on my book to discover that it had risen to not one, but TWO Best Seller's lists! It was #33 in Inspirational and #41 in Poetry. I turned to my wife and smiled. "Guess what!" I said. "My book is on the Best Seller's list!" Better still, the next day my book had risen to #17 on the Best Seller's list in Poetry and #16 in Inspirational and Religious.

Don't ask me how it happened. I wasn't even trying. All I can say is that God is good! It feels good to finally be able to say that I am a Bestselling author!

Praises for the poems of "The Earth is a Floating Sphere":

• "Your imagery in this work is just wonderful...thanks for sharing." -Joyce Bell, author of "When We All Get To Heaven" (for Mischievous Brown Cat)

• "How beautiful and warm." -Le Belle Rouge, author of "The Darkness: Stories And Poetry From Beyond" (for Oh, how I love this time of year!)

• "I doubt that many men enjoy having to shoulder that weapon and fire. They fight because they must and they do it bravely. Your poem touched my heart." -Le Belle Rouge, author of "The Darkness: Stories And Poetry From Beyond" (for On The Battlefield)

• "Wow! What a write...very well written. Enjoyed this poetic tale! " -Joyce Bowling, author of "Kentucky…The Mountains I Call Home" (for Harvest at Sea)

• "Excellent. Great revelation! " -Chanti, (for To Function Well Within)

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