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Book: Does God Love the Wealthy More Than the Middle Class? by Dennis L Binder Jr

Book: Does God Love the Wealthy More Than the Middle Class? by Dennis L Binder Jr

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Dennis L Binder Jr


My name is Dennis L Binder Jr, and I wrote this book because of love for my country and the direction it is going. My eBook: DOES GOD LOVE THE WEALTHY MORE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS?... @Amazon Kindle, explains in meticulous detail how tax rate reduction for ALL wage earners - create jobs, increase wages, tax revenue & grows the economy - even though it's contrary to popular understanding! This project took me 3 1/2 years mostly because of all the research I did to accumulate Official govt. statics & Documented facts.

It is thought by many, that almost all American citizens who reject 'big government' are anti-government. That, is like saying: People who are against overdosing on medication are anti-medicine! The role of government is very, very important. But like having your own house in order, it is properly structuring the levels of government – which is imperative to maximizing Democracy & Liberty. To begin with, 'federal government' must become as small & efficient as absolutely possible while returning more power to State governments. But most important of all, is to establish strong Local governments. And why? Because local government is where your community is located and where you live. There are thousands of communities across the U.S. and if each one had a strong local government
as well as a strong local economy, America would be stronger.

TAXES! TAXES! TAXES! Too many Americans still believe excessive tax rates is the key to economic success - nothing could be further from the truth! Even the highest tax rates applied to the wealthy, always trickle down to the middle class & working poor (call it 'Trickle Down Poverty)! But reducing tax rates across the board creates jobs, increases wages, tax revenue & grows the economy every time it's tried! Here is just one example:
Year: 1997 Capital gains tax rate was 29.19%, and produced $79,305,000,000 in federal tax revenue.
Year: 2007 Capital gains tax rate was 15.73%, and produced $137,141,000,000 in federal tax revenue ...
U.S. Dept. of the Treasury; Tax Policy Center
On the other hand, increasing taxes on everyone (and specifically the wealthy) shrinks the economy and increases unemployment.

AMERICA: Government of the People, by the People, for the People

A big #Solution…….. to politicians losing touch with their constituents and being ignorant to the yearning of 'the people' & their communities is: to amend legislation or – with a 'Peoples Referendum, Initiative or Proposition', requiring/mandating All federal politicians/lawmakers – to actually live in the State/areas of the citizens they actually represent! This would certainly create an environment where federal politicians/representatives would be influenced by the citizens of America's communities to at least, the same degree as Wall Street, Big Banks, Big business, Big donors to 'politicians/lawmakers', Corporate Attorneys, Trial attorneys, Lobbyists, Special interests, Establishment politicians etc. Politicians would then be much more likely to legislate in accordance to 'The Will of the People' rather than 'dictating' with consensus based on 'Capitol Hill' elitism & the Establishment.

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