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Book: The Golden Whisper by A. C. Riggan

Book: The Golden Whisper by A. C. Riggan

categories: Book, Teens, School, Children, Funny, Life Lessons, Slapstick, Humor

A. C. Riggan

Author A. C. Rigganabout this book: 'The Golden Whisper' is a slapstick, juvenile poke at the disasters that befall us when we refuse to listen. There is no where quite like a school for learning life lessons, and learning them fast. An elementary school is where the adventure takes place, where nose picking rules the day, but where compassion and heroism uncover a dastardly crime. The idea for the book came to me one day when I was substitute teaching. As subs generally don't get any respect, I considered what could happen if a particularly unusual sub came to work at a particularly dysfunctional school. So, the story wrote itself really. I was thrilled to find Ian Baker, the artist and cartoonist who fleshed out the story into just the right cover page; his artistry really sums up the story.

My aim in 'The Golden Whisper' is to entertain. Yes, there is a moral, but it's laughs from the readers that I'm after. Children love to laugh while learning, and when they do it's contagious. I think that if you can deliver a message with humor, it doesn't lessen the importance or impact of the message; it can make it more digestible.

I learned a lot from writing this book, especially because it's my first. I became stressed half way through, wondering if I could sustain my perspective, and keep the characters real. I had to talk myself into breaking my self-imposed mold of procrastination: don't clean the kitchen, don't walk the dog, don't do the laundry (not much persuasion needed there); finish the chapter before you do anything else! And yes, I did research a little. I had to come up with the best names for my mafioso criminal brothers, so I researched historical mafia names.

The title is the solution to the school's problem. It is a stark contrast to the noisy, deaf culture that we find in most places in society. It's almost a touch of magic, but far more human, and easily attained.

I hope my readers can giggle, maybe even chuckle. That's my aim. Perhaps they can tell a few people about the book as well. And they need to get ready for more. The silliness is out of the bag, and it's not hopping back any time soon.

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