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Book: The Girl, the Gold Tooth and Everything by Francine LaSala

Book: The Girl, the Gold Tooth and Everything by Francine LaSala

categories: Book, Mom-Lit, Satire, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Humor

Francine LaSala

Author Francine LaSalaabout this book: My books usually come from working through personal pain or strife. I generally pour that into a premise and then flip that on its side through a quirky, kooky, imaginative way for the situation to turn out. RITA HAYWORTH'S SHOES was born from a not-great relationship and the loss of self-esteem and the broken heart that went along with it. THE GIRL, THE GOLD TOOTH & EVERYTHING came from the combined struggles of raising young kids and being slammed by a bad economy, and the havoc that can wreak on anyone. I gave my protagonist, Mina, amnesia and a dark secret.

I don't have either of those things, but those elements certainly make the book more interesting than life! In any case, my books also center around an object coming into my characters' live, and that object having some "magical" ability to change everything around. In RITA HAYWORTH'S SHOES, Amy's act of deciding she was worth it and treating herself to an expensive pair of shoes changed her life. For Mina in THE GIRL, THE GOLD TOOTH & EVERYTHING, the object, like everything else, was forced on her--a gold dental crown in her case. Once in place, though, Mina begins to get her memories back. New friends enter her life, for better or worse.

Is Mina really getting her mind back though, or is she losing it completely? That's the question readers will ask as they make their way through her story! THE GIRL, THE GOLD TOOTH & EVERYTHING really poured out of me. I wrote it in a matter of months, while also working full time, doing freelance on the side, and raising my two small kids. I guess I had an idea of what I wanted it to be, but the story was so powerful, it sort of wrote itself. A pretty amazing experience!

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