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Book: Unpardonable Sin by Michael Potts

Book: Unpardonable Sin by Michael Potts

categories: Book, Sin, Blasphemy, Heartbeat Fetish, Demon, Lovecraft, Azathoth, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Woman's Heartbeat, Spiritual Warfare, Horror


Michael Potts

Author Michael Pottsabout this book: Jeffrey Conley discovers a journal he had written as a young teen, one he had forgotten because of the horrors it described. A demon continually tormented the young Jeffrey, trying to drive him to suicide in order to feed on Jeffrey's despair. The demon put an idea in Jeffrey's head--to curse the Holy Ghost. When Jeffrey read the passage in the Gospel of Matthew which said that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable, Jeffrey's mind "played tricks on him" and he cursed the Holy Ghost. Jeffrey was filled with despair since he believed he was going to burn in a devil's hell. It did not help that Jeffrey's emotions were tormented from puberty onward. He developed a fetish for the sound of a woman's heartbeat, but the demon twisted it so that Jeffrey did dangerous things to himself and scared off most girls. When the demon appeared to Jeffrey, its toothless mouth leering in a smile that was a mockery of the ancient comedy masks worn by the Greeks, Jeffrey felt helpless. However, an elderly owner of a country store, Zeke, had psychic gifts and used them to help Jeffrey find the power to overcome the demon. Will Jeffrey succeed? Or will the demon feed on Jeffrey's soul, feasting on his final despair. To find out, read the book.

I wrote the book because I used to dream of a demon that was a cross between the ancient Greek comedy mask and the "salt eating monster" in an episode of the original Star Trek series on television. The demon's toothless smile was filled with sarcasm and hatred for all life. When I was a young teen I also believed I had blasphemed the Holy Ghost and was going to hell with no possibility of an alternative. I would imagine demons whipping my bare, burning back until it bled. Finally, I had a difficult time with puberty into adolescence, having a fetish for a woman's heartbeat. Today I can deal with it, but then, it was quite awkward. Combine those three ideas and behold! A novel!

It took me a few weeks to write the first third of Unpardonable Sin, and I wrote the last two-thirds in a week at the Weymouth Center in Southern Pines, NC. The hardest part of writing for me is always revision. As for my readers--if there are any Fundamentalist Christians or other Christians who fear you have blasphemed the Holy Ghost and are going to hell--my message is that you have not committed the unpardonable sin no matter what you said or thought. For all readers, I hope the book scares the hell out of you.

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