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Book: The Curse Of Motley Manor by Robert C. Martin

Book: The Curse Of Motley Manor by Robert C. Martin

categories: Book, Ghosts, Paranormal, Old Manor House, Poltergeist, Ouija Board, Curse, Horror


Robert C. Martin

about this book: The book is about Sceptic Parapsychologist Simon Pembleton known simply as Pembleton He is in charge of the Psychology Department at Leeds University. Although a sceptic he has formed a team to investigate paranormal activity around the city. Ultimately his goal is to prove through science that the phenomena are nothing more than scientific anomalies and not of a spiritual nature.

Pembleton and small his team are invited to Motley Manor a seventeenth century Jacobean Manor. Here they are asked to investigate a series paranormal disturbances that have resumed after an absence of many years.

Although the team have been involved in several previous investigations they have not found any conclusive evidence to confirm if there are ghosts or sprits from beyond the grave. However, after just one night's vigil at the manor Pembleton experiences an event that is both disturbing and personal to him.

Meanwhile at another location in the city Angela Smith and her daughter who live on a council Estate in Leeds also begin to experience frightening paranormal events at their home. The activity seemingly is centred around her daughter Alicia - a sixteen year old teenager with issues of her own to deal with.

At first the two events seem to be unrelated ntil the truth slowly dawns. They all discover that an ancient malignant force involving entities who have existed for hundreds years have one purpose, to enter the material world and become flesh and truly feel evil once more.

People normally ask me what inspired me to write The book. I normally tell them about two things that stayed in my mind one summer.

The first was a news item by the BBC about near death experiences. It started me thinking about what happens after we die

Since the beginning of time we have has asked the age-old question of whether we exist after death. Through the ages we have developed our beliefs from religious sources. There are those who have claimed to be in contact with the dead. To date there is still no real scientific evidence to suggest that there is an afterlife.

Initially this subject matter influenced me to think about writing on this particular subject. I thought about a novel whereby all rational thought was thrown out of the window.

I thought about linking something from the past with the present. I couldn't find anything to fit the bill until something rather profound happened to me.

The second event that influenced my writhing occurred that same summer. On a whim I visited an old Victorian Hotel in Mid Wales. A truly odd experience event happened when I joined a small ghost tour at the hotel. This gothic creation had over the years built up a reputation as a paranormal hot bed of activity. At Craig Y Nos Castle I had a rather interesting encounter with the unknown that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I was taken into a derelict part of the hotel that was originally used as a TB hospital for children. This was apparently around the time of World war one. It was in this part of the building that I briefly saw the ghost of a young child.

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