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Book: ALMIGHTY GORD OF ANTITHESIS by Appleton Schneider

Book: ALMIGHTY GORD OF ANTITHESIS by Appleton Schneider

categories: Book, Future-Fiction, Eco-Apocalypse, Environmental Collapse, Human-Hunting, Sapiens-Steaks and Stakes, Horror Fiction

Appleton Schneider

about this book: Man's progress has destroyed nature's process. The earth is poisoned, the sea a churning curdle of chemicals. Gord is hunter for the ruin-city of Antithesis. Prey!!

There is no longer any other bread of life. It's become a man-eat-man survival as long as there are the remnant few out in the Northern wastes.

THE ROAD is a minimalist misery of post-apocalyptic depiction; a searing story only. ALMIGHTY GORD OF ANTITHESIS presents not only an extravaganza dimension of adventure, scenery, action, erotica. Also, entwined (or ensnarled, like the vines covering the ruined earth). . . dialogue and depiction present serious and even documentary considerations of the extent of actual global desecration. So far -- as well as the ultimate worstest-case scenario (s).

ALMIGHTY GORD OF ANTITHESIS undoubtedly is astounding future-horror-fiction. But it may also convey researched PREDICTION!!

Gord and Bearer, his slave-girl, embark to hunt prey. Lost, they come upon a seaside promontory. Combined imagery of an l8th century fortress and a long-abandoned ICBM silo creates the refuge where ancient Marl explains in detail and devastating description why and how the earth's life came to end.

Personal experience, Jared Diamond's THE THIRD CHIMPANZEE, Bryan Sykes's ADAM'S CURSE, Samuel Delaney's DHALGREN, were significant inspirations. Jonathan Swift's A MODEST PROPOSAL justified my "menu-0f-mankind" which, like my book's overall intent, may be satire? Or statement of profound, potential threat . . . . . . .

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