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Book: Zen and the Art of Home Theater Seating - 8 Easy Steps to Choose a Home Theater Chair (Home Theater 101) by Bryan Tarafa

Book: Zen and the Art of Home Theater Seating - 8 Easy Steps to Choose a Home Theater Chair (Home Theater 101) by Bryan Tarafa

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Bryan Tarafa

about this book: Interviewer: We sat down with author Bryan Tarafa who's book Zen and the Art of Home Theater Seating came out this June (2020). We asked him a few questions about why he wrote the book and what it means for his readers.

Interviewer: What is this book about?

Bryan: Zen and the Art of Home Theater Seating is a short instructional book about how to choose home theater seating. I use a human-centric design approach to choosing your home theatre style seating that essentially starts with who?, rather than what? Too many people start with their budget or the features they want or the configurations they want. Instead, they should start with who is going to use it and fit everything else into that understanding. While some people may do it intuitively, some people skip over this part of the process. But the book isn't simply about the choices you need to make. It also includes definitions of terminology home theater enthusiasts may not be familar with.

Interviewer: You say you start with "who?" I'm going to turn that around on you. Who is your book for?

Bryan: This book is for anyone who needs to purchase a home theater chair. I wrote it especially for the average home theater enthusiast, but there's no reason that if you're a home theater designer or installer that this wouldn't be helpful for you as well.

Interviewer: Give us an example. What is a human-centric approach in action?

Bryan: Okay, let's say you're trying to choose between a home theater sofa or a home theater chair for your front row and you can fit three available seats. The way many people might approach it is by asking how many seats do you have in the row. Yeah? It makes sense logically.

But a human-centric approach might first ask: who is going to use the seating? If I believe the seating will primarily be used by a husband and wife. I can eliminate the home theater chairs option since a husband and wife will probably want to cuddle together. Meaning, they won't want an arm blocking the space between them. That means the best option is a home theater couch or a theater loveseat.

Interviewer: I see. This could come in handy for many situations. How did you come up with the title?

Bryan: I think it's farily obvious but...the title is a parody of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. That book is essentially about quality. How to find it and cultivate it. My website is essentially about the same thing. It's about quality in watching movies in your own home theater. It's about sweating the small details that make your experience more enjoyable. Not just watching a movie, but watching it well. It's not necessarily about Zen Buddhism although I think many concepts would overlap.

Interviewer: If the book and your website are not about Zen. Then, why use the word Zen in your website and book?

Bryan: Honestly, I think Zen is the only word in English that comes close to capturing the aesthetic I'm going for. It's not about owning things. It's about owning the right things. It's not about watching movies. It's about enjoying them. Experience them. I'm not a Zen monk by any means, but I believe the concepts are similar.

[Note for more information on Zen Buddhism, go here: ]

Interviewer: Tell us more about your website...

Bryan: is a blog and review site where I try to identify the best home theater equipment for home theater enthusiasts: from projectors, to mini projectors, to outdoor screens. Anything question or product you would need in your home cinema is covered there. We're especially focused right now on cinema chairs and other movie theater seats. I think people need the most help with that.

Interviewer: Where would you suggest a home theater enthusiast start?

Bryan: If you're looking for seating you can start with the book or you can go to . This will give you a list of the top 17 home theater seating from every lists.

Interviewer: Alright, thank you very much for your time. Where can we find the book.

Bryan: You can find it on or the ZenGuy Home Theater Guide.

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