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Book: The Home Furniture Delivery Guide - How to Shop and Plan so Furniture is Delivered From the Store All the Way into Your House, Without the Problems Other People Experience by Paul Green

Book: The Home Furniture Delivery Guide - How to Shop and Plan so Furniture is Delivered From the Store All the Way into Your House, Without the Problems Other People Experience by Paul Green

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Paul Green


My name is Paul Green and I've delivered furniture, appliances and equipment for many leading retailers in North America over many years. I got into the delivery industry because I didn't want to be confined to an office and because I loved to drive. At first I was just a happy-go-lucky guy who didn't even realize how difficult my job was. I was just happy being on-the-move all the time.

Nonetheless, after being on the job for a short time, I started to realize a very annoying trend: Almost every day there were disappointed customers. Whether they cursed, cried, shouted or screamed, they were upset because something had gone wrong with their delivery.

At first I blamed these customers for not knowing and doing what they were supposed to do. "Why didn't they measure the doorway? How did they expect this to fit through it? Didn't they know this was too heavy to lift up stairs? Why didn't they do this? Why didn't they do that?"

These negative encounters frustrated me day after day and it finally got to the point where I became apprehensive about every delivery job. I was not enjoying my work anymore as I was always on edge. I blamed the retail associates; I blamed the managers and customer service. I blamed everyone for the problems being encountered on a regular basis. Well of course, as you might well imagine, that didn't resolve any of the issues at all.

Then, one day, while driving to a customer's home, I heard something on a radio program which completely changed the way I viewed my job. You see, secretly I had always toyed with the idea of writing a book but just couldn't find the right topic to write about. For some reason it always seemed that the topics I wanted to write on were already written about. However, on this particular day, on the radio, the hosts were discussing the topic of writing books. Since it was something I was already interested in, they didn't have to do much to get my full attention at all.

Before long, a lively discussion developed among the hosts, their guest and some callers. Suddenly one of the hosts blurted out, "You can write about anything. You can even write about your job." It seemed as if a light bulb flashed in my head the moment I heard that statement! You see I suddenly realized I needed to write about providing solutions for the home delivery issues consumers were experiencing. Hooray! At last I had found a unique topic to write about.

From that day forward, I had a renewed zest for my job. No longer was I apprehensive about deliveries as I was determined to use every problem as a learning opportunity. In fact, I started looking forward to encountering the delivery problems, as I knew they would provide opportunities for creating solutions.

So, over a few years, I studied every problem in great depth, and tried to find ways in which each issue could have been prevented. I then started testing and applying my new-found knowledge and it produced positive results almost immediately! The delivery problems were significantly reduced and I was motivated to work much harder at finding more solutions.

Eventually, from knowledge, experience and research, I wrote and published The Home Furniture Delivery Guide to help consumers have better home delivery experiences. Let's face this fact: Furniture transforms a house into a home. Furnishing your home should always be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, most people will obtain horrendous delivery services and lose time and money in the process. If you don't want to be a part of that crowd read The Home Furniture delivery Guide before purchasing household goods that require delivery services. You will never regret it.

After reading you'll learn how easy it is to:

• Research the retailer you plan on doing business with – and not get caught by their sales pitch.
• Measure your spaces to make sure all the pieces will fit and function properly.
• Order furniture for quality – and not just for style.
• Make sure you receive all the correct pieces of furniture – and not a different style or color.
• Avoid being charged large re-stocking or re-delivery fees.
• Protect yourself from being scammed by unscrupulous organizations.

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