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Book: The Holy Bible in its Original Order - A Faithful Version with Commentary by Fred R. Coulter

Book Review: The Holy Bible in its Original Order - A Faithful Version with Commentary by Fred R. Coulter

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 John 3:15-16

It was in a book store across the street and "at a whim" after choosing out a few theologically inclined books I looked at the bottom shelf - the last book to the left among a few really large books, I noted the purple hardback cover, read the Title and grabbed it! (2003 edition) I turned a few pages and was INSTANTLY sold.

Four times John 3:15-16 has the subjunctive mood and sure enough! four times you got it right, Brother Coulter, praise God! I have hundreds of Bibles (dozens of Greek Interlinears) and after one day with my new OOB Bible I prize your translation above them all - except of course my T.R. (textus receptus) Greek texts the holy, spirited words of God!

No translation, except perhaps a couple of those Greek T.R. interlinear texts, clarifies John 3:15-16 exactly as God intended. And of course you translated Hebrews 4:9 correctly too (wow! ) which the mostly anglican, Sunday keeping, protestant KJV translators could not, since they kept Sunday.

The churches all started and continued faithfully on sabbath days in Acts, even obviously in Troas. Phillipi, Corinth, Antioch, Thessalonica and by extension of the religious culture all the rest of the churches in the Roman Empire. How the myth that the early church kept Sunday got started is amazing. It is easier today to turn back to Sabbath and keep it holy than it ever would have been to change Sabbath to Sunday for the believers in that first century. For the Jews were merciless against Paul without him breaking the Law. What if he actually broke the Law and taught others to do so and then stepped foot inside a synagogue? He would have been thrown out so, so fast and brought to court - publically, no need for private persecution if Paul had been a law breaker.

Well. Will I stop memorizing from the KJV? After half a century? .... Hmm. Uhh, well - don't tell anyone but I might start working on MY own translation now. Then we will see, haha. [by Roy Magnuson, a servant of the Lord]

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