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Book: The Power Principle - Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD

Book: The Power Principle - Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss by Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD

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Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD

Author Dr. Sergey Sorin, MDabout this book: "The Power Principle: Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss" book is about the Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss. In a nutshell, the Power Principle is a change in the way of thinking, feeling and doing things, for general health and wellness. The Power Principle is designed for Health minded individuals (especially baby boomers) looking for a holistic approach to health, wellness and weight loss.

Dr. Sergey Sorin is an Author, Lecturer, Bariatric Authority, Medical Doctor who developed, authored and instituted "The Power Principle" (Spirit-Mind-Body) approach to Health and Wellness Book Series.

• What made you decide to write a book?
I've always been aware of the mind-body-spirit axis and the connection to our daily life as far as I can remember. Looking over my notes even in medical school and residency, this topic was always present to a significant degree. After my family medicine training, emergency and urgent care experience, I realized that my greatest contribution to the medical profession would be in the field of wellness and health. Therefore, I obtained specialized training in the field of bariatrics (weight loss medicine), and subsequently, founded Physician Weight Loss and Wellness Center (medical weight loss practice), as well as having served as a medical director for a surgical weight loss center.

It was a personal encounter with a life-threatening event, a diagnosis of cancer, which led me to fully appreciate and develop the Power Principle, a mind-body-spirit approach to overcoming obstacles, including weight loss and weight management (as well as any other challenge, including cancer in my own situation). Having fully realized the necessity and the power of such an approach, it became obvious to me that the Power Principle books need to be written and shared with the rest of the world.

• How does the mind and spirit affect weight loss?
In the words of one of my clients whom I've been helping with weight loss and who have read the book: "the foundation must be present first and foremost before trying to do anything else."

The spiritual component, the "why" or the driving force behind the weight loss goal, is the aspect often missing in a weight loss program. To use an analogy, having a spiritual center is like a lighthouse that will guide the ship to the shore. While the position and direction of the ship relative to the lighthouse might change, as well as the condition of the sea itself, one always knows where to go. The spirit component, which may be a combination of value based, spiritual and/or religious aspects, is the ultimate cure for the Yo-Yo syndrome, where weight is lost and then regained (once the motivation is lost—usually 6-8 weeks).

Mind is another essential factor in achieving weight loss. Once the spiritual center is recognized and obtained, it is the mindset that will determine success or failure. It's been said that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. A positive, problem-solving mindset can be used to overcome many obstacles (including with weight loss). At the same time a negative mindset, as well as unresolved emotional and psychological issues will stand in the way of achieving the desired goals. So it is essential to deal with the "enemy within" first, before taking on the outside world. It also helps to be aware and to deal effectively with our environment including people in our lives as well as the actual physical environment.

Once the spirit and mind are aligned, knowing and using the right tools will bring about the desired outcome, and both short- and long-term success.

• Why has no one else focused on these aspects of weight loss?
In our society, instant gratification and the search for the "magic bullet" have largely driven the weight loss market, products as well as books. As a society, there is also a tendency to avoid taking personal responsibility and rather to rely on external factor. So in response, it is very easy (and also more profitable) to provide a pill, a diet drink, a piece of exercise equipment or a videotape, etc… It is much more difficult to work with the person in a holistic approach to help them realize their own internal power and resources. Not to mention that developing the mind-body-spirit alignment is not something that can be bought or sold, and is available to each and every person who desires to attain it.

On the other hand, the concept of mind-body-spirit has been around for quite some time and is becoming more widely accepted, including among health care professionals.

• Aren't there lots of books on diet and nutrition, what makes this one unique?
There are many books and programs out there (and many with merit) that focus on a particular aspect of the weight loss. However, the holistic approach (mind-body-spirit) is hard to find. There are books out written by doctors and other health care professionals that focus on nutrition, exercise and even some on medical and physiological factors, but don't cover the spirit and mind dimensions. There are also books out that focus on the mental aspects of weight loss, and some on the spiritual as well, but don't cover the diet, exercise, activity, lifestyle and/or medical aspects to the same degree. The Power Principle: Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss addresses all of these factors.

• What are the most important parts of the book?
The most essential aspect is the mind-body-spirit alignment (The Power Principle) and the steps to achieve that. Once the foundation is laid in terms of the spirit and the mind components, one can then utilize the tools discussed in the book, as well as any other tools appropriate for the individual to achieve weight loss, weight maintenance and most important health, wellness, and happiness.

• How is your approach different from many of the other weight loss approaches?
The purpose of this book and of the Power Principle is to empower the individual and give them the state of the art information and the tools for success. It is an approach to weight management, health and wellness from inside out, building on the person's own intrinsic values and strengths. It is also an approach from the Bariatrician (medical weight loss specialist) aspect and based on solid, safe and effective methods.

• What changes in people's way of thinking or lifestyle do you want to see come out of this?
I would like people to become more proactive in their own life and health; to take personal charge and more responsibility for their lifestyle. I also want them to realize the power they do have and just how much they can accomplish once the spirit-mind-body axis is properly aligned. The other aspect that is essential is the long-term perspective. When it comes to weight and health, it is more like a marathon than a sprint. The overall pattern of lifestyle in the long term is far more important than any particular isolated event. Lastly, there is no such thing as failure! Every new moment is another opportunity!

• What kinds of feedback have you have gotten thus far?
I've seen people who started using the Power Principle turn their whole life around, not just the weight. It truly is a principle rather than any particular diet. As a principle, once internalized, it can be applied to other aspects of life, health, happiness and achievements. It is extremely rewarding to see someone who has struggled with weight issues their whole life, change their attitude, perspective, and the approach. In the process, many of the personal and inter-personal issues that have led to weight gain to begin with, end up being resolved as well. Of course, since this approach depends on the individual taking charge of their life and becoming proactive, it does not work well for those who are still looking for a "magic bullet."

• What issues with diet have you had?
Having come to US from the former Soviet Union (where long lines at the food store were no guarantee that you would come home with food), my entire family including myself gained a significant amount of weight. At one point, I personally crossed the weight category that would qualify for obesity. However, with a focus on a healthy lifestyle, the weight came off, and stayed off. In retrospect, this experience likely had a significant effect on my decision to pursue the field of bariatrics later on.

• What dietary or exercise regimen do you recommend?
The bottom line is that there is no one single diet or exercise regimen that will work for everyone. That is another reason why the Power Principle is not just another weight loss program, but a set of principles that can be applied in different situations for different people.

As far as exercise, the same principle applies: no one plan will work for everyone. In general both aerobic and resistance (ex: weights) components should be included. Walking is a good way to get started, but those who can, will see more benefit with higher intensity regimens.

Lastly, it's important to note the difference between exercise and the activity of daily living. Some people do well with exercise, but are not very active and some are very active but do not exercise. Both components play an important role in weight loss (as well as in building health) and should be included as long as there is no medical or otherwise reason not to.

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