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Book: She Ruined Hitler by Richard Rubacher

Book: She Ruined Hitler by Richard Rubacher

categories: Book, Tibetan Monks Recruited, Invokes Demons, Nazi Psychic Brigage, Ian Fleming's Intervention, Winston Churchill's Reaction, German War God, Hitler's Psychic Corps


Richard Rubacher

Author Richard Rubacherabout this book: Teaser: A French Jewish woman ruined Hitler's life by impersonating der Furher's demonic mentor. The opening shows a painting of the German warrior god Wotan. He bears a remarkable resemblance to Adolph Hitler—the forelock and the mustache. The painting was done in 1889, the year Hitler was born.

Rudolf Hess, the Deputy Fuhrer and second to Goering in the line of succession, approaches English soil in his pirated Messerschmidt airplane. In radio communication with Berlin, Hess announces his mission is to sign a peace treaty with England.

The future author of 007 meets with Winston Churchill in the hope of forming a psychic brigade to eavesdrop on Hitler's meetings with his secret occult society. Churchill denies the request and informs Fleming he should be writing fiction after the war.

Mirra Alfassa, a young Jewish Frenchwoman is a member of Sri Aurobindo's ashram in India. She has defied the pacifist's order to spy on Hitler conversations via "the cosmic archival screen."

WWI. Battlefield scenes shows Hitler capturing a French officer and four French soldiers. Waving his Waltan .365 pistol, he escorts the prisoners to regimental HQs. Another battlefield scene shows a German soldier zigzagging his way between enemy lines. Torrents of shells explode around him. We hear a comment from a fellow soldier, "No bullet is made with Hitler's name on it." In a ceremony Hitler is decorated with the Iron Cross, First Class. In another ceremony Hitler receives the coveted Iron Cross, Second Class.

Flashback.THULE GESELLSHAFT SOCIETY, BERLIN, 1919, a secret occult organization uses a psychic medium to discover who will be the German furher. Sprawled on cushions, she places both hands on her vulva. Her cries suggest sexual splendor as she massages her vulva. The candlelight flickers on the intense faces of the leaders, including a Tibetan abbot who is working for Germany. Suddenly wisps of black smoke emanate from the medium's vulva. She squirms as the shapeless black cloud begins to emerge. They wonder who this frail un-looking Teutonic man is.

We follow Hitler's training in the occult society. Hitler undergoes the ESP Protocol phase. He is taught how to contact the Dark Force which will enable him to be possessed by the Prince of Darkness. Through the German psychic woman's gifts, she is told to reveal Hitler's sexual proclivity. We are taken into the lives of seven women who have been erotically involved with Hitler. Through his lovers, we discover why Geli Raibal, his attractive 17-year old nephew; and six others commit suicide. Hitler undresses himself, lies on the floor laden with towels. He gestures to his lovers. Reluctantly, they discharge their bodily fluids and waste on Hitler, a practitioner of coprophilia. While he scrubs himself in the bathroom after the sexual encounter, a shot is heard from the bedroom. The teenage girl commits suicide.

The Second War rages on. Hitler makes conquest after conquest. London and Coventry are bombed; I.G. Farben manufacturing poison gas; prisoners in concentration being gassed; Warsaw ghetto uprising quelled; elite SS troopers laugh as they blow away civilians in captive countries. To her dismay, Mirra, the French psychic/mystic is horrified by what she sees on the cosmic screen.

The Jewish woman becomes actively involved in her attempt to topple the Nazi regime. She impersonates the Prince of Darkness in the séance with Wotan, the King of Fear. Unlike the authentic King of Fear, she addresses him as "Heil Herrenvolk." (hail to the master of the master race). The impostor refers to him as "the Second Son," causing Hitler to swoon. Then she makes the announcement. Forget the bombing of London. "Wotan's" advise. Invade Russia, eradicate the despised Bolsheviks who are led by Jews.

Hitler tells the Wotan impersonator this would mean a war on two fronts. A psychic blitzkrieg ensues, lightning bolts flash and thunder roars until the frightened Hitler cowers before the King of Fear. The impersonator tells Hitler that the master race will be on the outskirts of Moscow within two months after the invasion. Hitler will accomplish what Napoleon and King Frederick was unable to.
Churchill and the entire world are puzzled when Hitler stops the bombing of London. The General staff of the Third Reich and the Inner Circle are in a state of shock over the Fuhrer's decision. They are inconsolable over the announcement to prepare for Operation Barbarossa, the impending war with Russia

The authentic King of Fear makes a visit to an ecstatic Hitler. Upon discovering that Hitler intends to invade Russia, he orders the German Chancellor to abandon his plan. Hitler thinks he is being tricked. Wotan begs Hitler to re-consider. In a rage, the devil says, "Corporal, don't make the same stupid mistake of Napoleon." Hitler spits on his master. The dejected Prince of Darkness sulks. [...]

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