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Book: Cougar Ridge - Cooliage Family Series (The Cooliage Family)

Book Reviews: Cougar Ridge - Cooliage Family Series (The Cooliage Family)

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Debbi Haskins

Author Debbi Haskinsabout this book: I decided to write a four-part book collection on the children of a wealthy Boston family set in the mid 1800's. The first of this collection is called "Cougar Ridge" and is about the youngest of the four Cooliage children, and the only daughter: Claire Cooliage.

Claire Cooliage is a Boston Debutante and a recent graduate of the teaching university. Her dream is to marry and become a teacher. Her father is dead set against his only daughter becoming a mere teacher. He only allowed her to attend the university to bide time until he could secure her future. With her coming out gala, Charles Cooliage has set into motion a flurry of eligible bachelors from the more elite sector to introduce to his daughter in the hopes that one will choose to court her.

Brian Stackhouse, an up and coming lawyer was previously selected to court Claire… if they hit it off. Charles and Brian had the same views on marriage; Claire would not become a teacher, she will be too busy married and taking care of household duties and party planning, just as his wife does.

Claire and Brian do hit it off and become engaged. Things evolve smoothly until a picnic in the park turns tragic. Claire is run down by a runaway horse and wagon, dragging her under the wagon and crushing her body. Brain escaped unharmed and is horrified at what he sees in the hospital once Claire is out of surgery. Brian disappears and Claire's friends abandon her in her time of need.

Scarred and healing painfully, Claire heads home. She is revolted by her looks, so she hides in the house and uses facial veils and covering to hide behind. Worried about her mental and physical health, Claire's family bond together and decide to send her far away to Aunt Maddie to heal; inside and out. Claire didn't see it this way at all. She saw it as her family being disgusted with her looks and were hiding her in a distant place away from everything safe, with a relative she barely remembers.

Sent away, Claire must begin to heal and trust again. Her life begins to settle while in Cougar Ridge at Aunt Maddie's place. Claire befriends the small towns folk, begins to teach at the small schoolhouse, and also meets a wonderful guy named Mason.

Just when she thinks her life is running smooth, Brian shows up to claim his fiancé. How will she handle this? She had a good life here in this tiny dirt town; she has friends that look past her disfigurement and a man who is beginning to love her and show her she can be loved again. Where does Brian stand? Where does Mason stand?
Claire does find love again: but with who?


I am now currently working on the next book in the Cooliage Family Series it's called "Captain of Her Home", I hope to have this out this year!

Being retired, I enjoy spending time with my granddaughters and my retreat! Love being by the lake and nature, gets my writing juices flowing!

I have always enjoyed reading and writing, so I found I had time to do this now. I loved the old Harlequins growing up, so I fashioned my romance series along that line. The 1800's were such a calm time, no outside issues just home and family. The way life should be!

I guess I am reaching out to anyone who enjoys a good romance, I like to call my book " 50 shades of beige"….lol…. no raunchy sex scenes. But there is romance and its compelling!

I learned that writing is a freeing of the mind! Its far from easy, but very rewarding in the end.

I would also invite my fans to use the contact section of my website to write to me!

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"As she attempts to mold her life to satisfy the expectations of her family

By Elizabeth Currie on March 31, 2018
Format: Paperback

The story centers around the heroine, Clair Coolidge, a young woman living in turn of the century Boston with her wealthy family. As she attempts to mold her life to satisfy the expectations of her family, friends, and community, she is met with misfortune and deception that forces her to take an unexpected path and move across country to Cougar Ridge. There a new outlook on life presents an opportunity for happiness, fulfillment, and romance. The love scenes are intense and moving. The story is as cozy and satisfying as a hot toddy in front of the fireplace--with some sparks flying. Loved it! The sequel looks really steamy...can't wait! "

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 Interesting read

I love the style, reminds me of the old harlequin books my mother read.
Lots of detail, can actually see what the author was saying.
I loved that it was written without quotations for speaking.
Look forward to reading next in the series ! I am now following this author !
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ [by Colleen Windstrome]

 Wow, this writer has changed my view on historical romance

After seeing this books reviews, I decided to buy it off amazon. I'm not one for old fashioned type stories, I'm partial to current romance themes. Not quite finished this book ... but WOW ... makes me want to follow this author and grab all her books. Cougar Ridge has switched my thoughts, I am liking the historic romance thing. At least with this book. [by Amanda Rienheart]

 Good Heart Warming Harlequin Quality Book

I bought this book off the Author at an author venue. There were a lot of different authors and different books. The cover page grabbed my attention right away, next the title. Reading the back cover intrigued me so I ended up buying it. This author exceeded my expectations. The book was well written, and touched a spot in my heart. The love was there, clear as day, the characters spoke to me, and very well described.
This is a MUST buy! [by Shannon]

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