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Book: The Peacemaker by Brenda Duffey

Book: The Peacemaker by Brenda Duffey

categories: Book, Native American, Military History, Environmental Issues, Women's History, Civil Rights, Night of Terror, 1915 Peace Convention, Jane Addams, Treaty of Versailles, Boarding Schools, Reservation System, Historical Fiction

Brenda Duffey

Author Brenda Duffeyabout this book: "The Peacemaker" is a work of historical fiction that parallels the work of Howard Zinn's non-fictional account of American history. The book delves into the true origin of the American government which is the Iroquois Confederacy. This Confederacy of five tribes (later 6) had established a peaceful and economically successful culture based on the principles of The Peacemaker who appeared to the Onondaga chief Ayonwentah (Hiawatha) near the end of the 11th Century. Ayonwentah was distressed over years of warfare among the tribes of northwestern New York that had taken the lives of his family and reduced not only his tribe but all the others to endless poverty. After learning The Great Law of Peace, Ayonwentah and The Peacemaker took the message to all the tribes residing around the Great Lakes region of North America and six tribes joined to establish The Iroquois Confederacy. The culture was based on these principles:

• Land Stewardship instead of ownership
• Empowerment of women
• Peaceful negation based on consensus instead of a military.

The Iroquois Confederacy became powerful and strong and welcomed the English settlers in peace, teaching them their principals and helping the colonists survive when they arrived in the 15th Century. The Confederacy was destroyed by the militaristic English who believed in "might makes right" and established this right through the French and Indian War, the American Revolution and the War of 812.

The new government established in 1776 not only disempowered all the Native Americans, women were also excluded from any property or voting rights. "The Peacemaker" follows over 10 generations of a family from the Bear Clan of the Mohawk tribe. By following their story in fictional form, over three hundred years of American history is covered taking the reader to the climactic entry into the 21st Century and the events of September 11, 2001. The book is intended to capture the interest of American readers so that some of the challenges we face in the 21st Century such as continued warfare and global warming might be better understood and addressed by our leaders.

There is an NPR radio interview done with Tripp Sommer in Eugene, Oregon in 2010 posted on my website at as well as several readings from pertinent points in American history that the potential reader may find enlightening.

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