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Book: Nelly of No Man's Land by B.J. Myrick

Book: Nelly of No Man's Land by B.J. Myrick

categories: Book, Infidelity, No Man's Land, Alcohol Addiction, Homesteading, Romance, Outlaws, Oklahoma Land Rush, Bible Story, Medicine Man, Christian Novel, Cleft Palette, Historical Fiction


B.J. Myrick

Author B.J. Myrickabout this book: Imagine what it feels like to know you are dying, leaving your four motherless children to be raised by an alcoholic father. Imagine how you feel when your husband tells you of a medicine man that can heal the hopelessly ill after their doctors have given them up to die. Based on this thin thread of hope, would you travel to a treacherous territory to homestead in a land fraught with danger because you want to live to raise your children and to reform your unfaithful and alcoholic husband?

Nelly Duncan is the dying woman. No Man's Land in Oklahoma is the hostile territory fraught with dangerous outlaws and ruthless cattlemen who burn the settlers out to keep open range. As Nelly's health improves, she battles her husband's unfaithfulness and his compulsion to drink. But she harbors a secret that won't stay buried. When the handsome peddler she slept with during her husband's infidelity and who fathered her youngest child comes back into her life, she must decide which man will own her heart.

Nelly of No Man's Land, a historical novel set in 1890's Oklahoma, is based on my mother's homesteading experiences and my great-grandmother, a medicine woman whose old medicine book contained handwritten recipes of her herbal cures.

Two and a half years were spent researching the 1800's, refining the novel, and getting it published. I was amazed to find that stethoscopes were in use back then, as were gas stoves, locomotives, submarines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, indoor plumbing, even Kodak hand cameras existed in the 1800's. And covered wagons had a braking system where the wagon could be slowed when descending slopes.

I was also astonished to find that matches safe enough to use also existed in 1859. Previously, white phosphorus was used in making matches, causing "phossy jaw" in factory workers: the jawbone was destroyed by long term exposure to the chemical, and the worker's hair would fall out and their face turn green. A safe chemical is now used instead of the phosphorus.

But the present builds on the past, and those items enjoyed by the privileged back then are now enjoyed by the masses in America. I thoroughly enjoyed weaving the spirit and technology, or lack of it at times, throughout the story. It is my hope you will enjoy reading Nelly of No Man's Land as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did, would you leave a comment?

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