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Book: Meetings and Encounters by Roger Penney

Book: Meetings and Encounters by Roger Penney

categories: Book, Galilee, Herod Antipas, Machaerus, Baptist, Salome, Dancing, Corporal, Body Guard, Steward, Freely Give, Sell Everthing, Succott, Historical fiction

Roger Penney

Author Roger Penneyabout this book: This is a second edition of my paperback, First Century Close-Ups. It is an ebook whereas that is not. However it is more. It is a horrible example of what not to do in publishing. We had published More First Century Close-Ups as a paperback but thought we could us the internet. The retailer we published through with print on demand did nothing to help publicise. Why should they? In short we realised that epublishing was the answer and then see if anyone wanted to do our books as paperbacks.

We, that is my granddaughter and I, decided on an ebook publisher and published on ebook mall. This was fine but we did better when we published on kindle.'We' by this time was CRF, Charlotte, Roger and Fraser. The latter a lawyer friend who is something of a street lawyer as in John Grisham. We then had one final go at finding a paperback publisher. We looked for an agent. These publishers and agents have an intray piled up about a mile high with the work of hopeful authors. The chance of being the next on their list is about as good as winning the lottery. you have as much chance as being struck by lightning.

Funnily we found a book agent. They looked at the book, they made all sorts of encouraging noises. Then they suggested they could put my book in a Book Fair in Beijing or some other exotic place. They told me to get and editor. I did get one a local who had a look at the book for nothing. They would have done it and maybe they were miffed that they had missed out on a an editorial fee. We then found we had to pay to print books and to have them in the Book fair. It was then the penny dropped and the Penneys realised that this was all a big con by 'self publishing' I now know what that is. It only slowly dawned on me at the time. We did not go to Beijing.

Meetings and Encounters is the title they agreed on after they had rubbished the original title suggested by Crossbridge. We had only made a few minor changes, cosmetic really. We severed relations. And that is my advice for anyone who comes across a 'kind' organisation who offers to publish your book free. If you get a real contract then go ahead but do not under any circumstances give them money. This sort of publishing is what we used to call 'Vanity Publishing'. When I used to be a teacher the besotted parents of would be 'young writer of the year' often paid money to see their child's work among that of lots of other young hopefuls. Do not do it, your money only falls into a black hole called 'Self Publishing'.

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