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Book: The Red Wrath by Hatef Mokhtar

Book Review: The Red Wrath by Hatef Mokhtar

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Hatef Mokhtar

Author Hatef Mokhtarabout this book: One thing which I have learned through all my past and present experiences is to being human always. Humanity is must in everyone's society, without it the scenes of devastation exist, the winds of hatred blows; families like mine lived in isolation and face loss of their beloved ones without knowing the exact nature of fault.

Where ever negativity had born the nation had faced series of disasters which take generations to heal their wounds and clean their thoughts. The time has made me a balanced person who has now learned to forgive if someone did mistake, to help those who are in need, to serve who need your help for their welfare, to speak about justice. I have learned to forgive even those who tortured me, and those who forgive others, are large hearted people.

Hatred had never yielded or gave anything great; it just drives the self greediness of our inner being who divides us in various sections of race and cultures. When our world changes its colors as the leaves of maples which always gives our eyes a soothing touch of brightness but when our life changes its colors it only gives us the painful rails of agonizing moments which fill our vivacity with only tears and the color or red.

"The Red Wrath" had taken my spirit on the journey of two worlds where my destiny changed its colors with the approaching seasons of versatility where the beats of variations in the lives of people dragged me into the whirlpool of puzzle which even today I didn't able to solve it, the puzzle of life which any moment can change the color of your destiny without notifying you as the nature has designed it – that success and sorrow never comes telling you in prior, they come suddenly making you surprised with their intensity of arrival whenever they strike us.

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 Reading about Afghanistan is not always fun

Reading about Afghanistan is not always fun. Until now I had only read news about Afghanistan which saddened me. And so when a friend recommended The Red Wrath as a "love story set in Afghanistan on the backdrop of wars in the country" I was hopeful of getting a better glimpse into the real Afghanistan. After 18 odd chapters what began as an interestingly simple teenage love story slowly started veering into a painful war story of loss and destruction.

Surprisingly, I did not put the book down. Hatef Mokhtar is a good writer, with a gripping narrative style. His personal pain and sense of loss oozes out through every word, just as his love for his homeland is evident in every dreamily written description of the country. And the not so happy descriptions such as the time Asif leaves his home after the revolution are equally heart wrenchingly written. One of Hatef's biggest achievements in this book is the creation of Zulfikar. He epitomizes a proud Afghani, a father so understanding and loving; every reader would want to be his son. Not to mention the surprising relationship with his wife. Surprising not because a couple cannot be such, but we are not exposed to the idea of love and mutual respect between an Afghan/Islamic couple. The media portrayal always leaves one thinking of all Islamic women caught in unhappy marriages. I truly thank Hatef for shattering my prejudice. [by Asif Ranjan]

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Video: The Red Wrath - A Journey Between Two Destinies by Hatef Mokhtar

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