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Book: The Airshipmen - A Novel Based on a True Story. A Tale of Love, Betrayal & Political Intrigue by David Dennington

Book: The Airshipmen - A Novel Based on a True Story. A Tale of Love, Betrayal & Political Intrigue by David Dennington

categories: Book, British History, Action Adventure, Epic Love Story, Actual Events, Hint of Fantasy, Travel, Aviation Pioneering, The Roaring Twenties, Historical Fiction


David Dennington

Author David Denningtonabout this book: AUTHOR'S NOTE
I first read about airships as a teenager when I was reading Nevil Shute's books and his autobiography. Twenty years later I read about the saga involving the British Airship Program and got hooked again. The events are still raw in the minds and deeply embedded in the psyche of the people of Bedford, evoking, I sense, not only sadness, but bitterness. Since my teenage years, I have carried the events with me. After twenty years of research and five years of careful writing and editing (with the help of many wonderful people along the way), this book was finished. The cover denotes Lord Thomson's dream of flying to India, the land of his birth.

Many readers of The Airshipmen, both male and female, have told me they were sorry when this book came to an end. They 'complained' that the characters hung around their living rooms for days or weeks! This epic historical novel is based on actual events that took place in England during the magical roaring 20s, and is filled with mesmerizing characters, some of them fictional, who interact with real people. Fate plays a large part in this book, with characters dwelling on its possibilities. Is our fate already written?

Lou Remington, a U.S. Marine, is the main character and witness to events. After World War One, in 1920, he joins the Navy in order to fly airships, leaving his not-so-serious girlfriend, Julia, behind in Great Falls. He is sent to England, as chief coxswain, for training with his crew to fly Airship ZR2 back to New Jersey. After a terrible accident, he meets the love of his life, Charlotte, and settles down to a blissful life in the Yorkshire countryside. But there is no rest for Lou, the British come knocking at their cottage door with offers for him to assist in building the mightiest and safest airships the world has ever known. Accepting the position could lead to a spectacular career with infinite rewards—or maybe cost him his life.

This irresistible offer leads to Lou rubbing shoulders with some of the most dynamic and fascinating characters in the world, from the highest in the land to the lowliest cabin boy. Lou's nemesis, the towering Lord Thomson of Cardington, sets up two airship teams to compete against each other, leading to a great duel of sorts—a duel to the death in the sky between two gargantuan beasts. Bringing this tale to life is an array of strong, irresistible women who have strong influences on the airshipmen, as well as the heartbreaking outcome.



• The Airshipmen is a riveting story that plays out against the background of one of the most intriguing chapters in history. David Dennington weaves a fascinating web of romance, courage, tragedy and shattered dreams and gives the reader a front row seat to eye-opening, high-stakes political battles on two continents. — David Wright, Daily Mirror Journalist.

• This is a story written on an epic scale, and one of the things I most enjoy about Dennington's books is his development of female characters--they are not merely cardboard cutouts. Princess Marthe Bibesco is so vividly portrayed, she still haunts me. — Jeffrey Keeten, Goodreads Top Book Reviewer

• An excellent book. It was a very exciting tale. Filled with adventure, love, history, intrigue and devotion! It was a wonderful story laced with history and I was so very sorry to see it end! — Margaret Page, Amazon Reviewer.

• This is definitely a book I'll be sharing once I've read it a couple more times. — Joannie, Goodreads Reviewer.

• A big story, layered and cinematic, one that I did not want to end. It's about blinding love, vaulting ambition, loyalty, greed, deception—the whole gamut of human frailty and hard to put down. — Edith Schorah, Palm Beach County, Florida.

• The Airshipmen is a very human story … an incredibly interesting fictionalized take on an important time in air travel history … recommended for fans of history, air travel, and historical fiction with just a touch of fantasy. — Portland Book Review.

• This is a wonderful book rendering its main historical characters in flesh and blood--their saga replete with concrete and exquisite details. A gripping story masterfully told; one that reverberates in the reader's mind long after it is over. — Steven Bauer, Hollow Tree Publishing.

• I'd never come across a book of this caliber for this subject … perfectly paced with wonderfully rich characters, its research on the subject in immaculate detail. Dennington brings colour to a black and white subject. — Alastair Lawson, Cardington.

• This is a marvelous book. I read it through in just a few days and was fascinated, moved and informed. The author has created a compelling and well written story weaving together fact and believable fiction. — Peter Humphris, Goodreads Reviewer.

• I am a fan of author Nevil Shute and therefore knew of the R100 / R101 adventure since Shute was deeply involved with the ship constructed by the non government faction. Fascinating subject matter and well written—perhaps the closest a person will ever get to the whole story. — James Reising, Goodreads Reviewer.

• I am sure you have been reading a book which you just did not want to see the end come; this was such a book for me. — Clifford Archer, Goodreads Reviewer.

• I loved this book. It was a very interesting era in Britain and of course, airships are fascinating. I found myself looking up the events and the characters on Google all the time. — Ruth Lee, Amazon Reviewer.

• A good book is when you must read it whenever you have a spare moment ... and when you feel being in a vacuum having finished it. So was this book to me. Thanks for great research and very fine writing! — Claus, Amazon Reviewer.

• Very interesting historical novel that weaves fiction and fact into an amazing story of love, ambition and politics. This is a long read, but well worth the time and I would love to see this story some day reach "the big screen". — Bob, Amazon Reviewer.

• An AMAZING debut novel! I got so involved with the plot and the intrigues surrounding all the characters—never boring for a second, as the plots were continually changing and the unexpected happening. It had a wonderful love story ... how you thought it was headed ... and then the final twist. — Cheryl R. Goodreads Reviewer.

• This epic is bursting with devastating, colorful images, great humor, lush storylines, tender love stories, exciting plot twists and a plethora of factual historical information. It is both fiction and non-fiction - 'faction', perhaps! — Lauren Dennington, LCD Editing, Editor of The Airshipmen.

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