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Book: Five Reasons You get Sick - How to STAY Healthy by George J. McClelland

Book: Five Reasons You get Sick - How to STAY Healthy by George J. McClelland

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George J. McClelland

Author George J. McClellandabout this book: Your body was created to live 120 or more years. Years ago some people actually lived longer. What happened to cause the life expectancy to drop so far? If we ignore wars and look only at the people who took care of themselves, we would find that people used to live much longer than the history books show. Wars are created by leaders of countries but fought by average people. Two main reasons for wars demonstrate why everyone should refuse to participate in them. One is that wars are a method of controlling population growth. Throughout history and even today, genocide was and is a common practice - even by religious people. Wars are always efforts to take from others what the leaders of a nation wants for themselves.

What does all that have to do with your health. Basically to show you that you can live longer than you think. But to do so, you must plan ahead. Our modern world is filled with heads of state that are greedy and willing to do anything to increase their wealth - including direct murder and indirect murder.

Indirect murder is what our government and big business is doing worldwide. They force you to take immunizations supposedly to protect you from disease, but in reality those shots deliver poisonous ingredients directly into your blood stream. Independent research has clearly shown what the pharmaceutical agencies and our government don't want you to know - that "immunizations actually cause disease and protect you from nothing. That's right, immunizations cause your body to form antibodies to the disease they introduce into your bodies, but they do not prevent you from developing the disease. The flu shot is an classical example. More people who take the shot develop the flu than those who do not take it. But it is a billion dollar business.

Processed foods not only debase the nutritive value of foods, but include additives that are directly harmful to your body. Independent research has shown that Genetically Modified Foods have less than half the nutritive value of non GMO. They also contain glyphosate which damages the lining of your gut. That damage allows unprocessed food into your blood stream which is attacked by your immune system resulting in auto-immune diseases. Almost all processed foods contain GMO and, therefore, damage your health.

Most Americans drink water polluted with fluoride which is a poison - and that is all it is. It causes many diseases and degrades your body's systems. Your dentists have bought the lies our government and the pharmaceutical agencies fed to them. According to independent research fluoride damages teeth, especially in children and, if by some accident, it was proven to be beneficial in some way, it is too poisonous to be putting in your body.

We have been educated to smell nice and keep everything squeeky clean. But they did not teach us how to make natural organic cleansers. Instead they educated us to use commercial soaps, detergents, etc. that contain harmful carcinogens and endocrine disturbing agents.

These are some of the reasons you get sick. In reality, we invite sickness into our lives. We were created to be healthy, but eat and drink things that are making us sick. The babies being born today will be the first generation to live shorter lives then their parents and its all because of letting big business and big brother run our lives. You must take your health into your own hands!

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