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Book: The Homecoming by Kevin McPherson

Book: The Homecoming by Kevin McPherson

categories: Book, War, Family, Devotion, Love, Kindness, Rural America, Loneliness, Betrayal, Sadness, Abuse, Tribulations, Hardship


Kevin McPherson

about this book: In this day and age of constant communication it's hard to imagine a time when weeks, months or even years could pass with no correspondence between family members. During the World War II era it was not uncommon for soldiers to "disappear" leaving loved ones to wonder about their fate.

Chloe Kelly's mother, an Irish immigrant, died while delivering her only child. Being in a new land with no money, no prospects and no hope of caring for a child, Ms. Kelly left infant Chloe on the steps of the nearest orphanage. She became just another face in the crowd and never knew much of love or happiness. Then on her 16th birthday she walked away to face whatever life had in store.

Hunger and luck lead Chloe to a kind and caring father figure who took her in. With all of her hopes and dreams starting to come to fruition, she married Charles "Big Daddy" Bowen's son Charlie and it seemed that life had finally turned for the better. Charlie, Chloe and their son Lyndon are just beginning their lives as a happy, rural American family when Charlie is called off to war.

Left to fend for themselves, this woman, dedicated to her husband and God, and her rapidly maturing son manage to survive. Lessons they learn side-by-side will prove invaluable when the man that they thought they knew, and loved, returns from war. "The Homecoming" is a gripping tale of love, loyalty, and survival.


My name is Kevin McPherson and "The Homecoming" is my first novel. I'm just a country boy at heart and a construction superintendent by trade, but I've always loved to tell a good story. Over the years I have written numerous poems and short stories and like most of those, this book was written as a gift.

In 2003 while deer hunting near Estelline, Texas I came upon an old abandoned farm house. Most of the windows were broken, the roof had begun to collapse and it was obvious that no one had lived there for quite some time. On the porch was a weathered rocking chair with a coffee cup sitting next to it. For days thereafter I thought about the story behind that old house, the chair and the coffee cup. It was as if someone had enjoyed one last cup of coffee as they watched one last sunrise from that old porch, then simply got up and walked away. I wrote a poem called "The Coffee Cup" and though I was satisfied with it, I felt that there was another story to be told. Over time the characters from "The Homecoming" began to form in my mind and to fill the empty rooms in that old farmhouse. After 8 years of coming to know Chloe Kelly, her family and friends, I wrote their story.

It took 14 months to write the book and to have it edited (remember, I'm a construction superintendent and my grammar skills aren't the best). Though I never intended for The Homecoming to be published, after much encouragement from family and friends, we self-published on Amazon in February of 2012. With no real intention to publish, there was never a "target audience", but it seems that baby boomers (especially women) really enjoy our story.

At my request my daughter Kristen created the artwork that we placed on the original cover. I'm proud of my daughter and her skills as an artist, but I feel that the photograph that we now use is a better fit. The couple in the picture is actually my great-grand-parents. While I wrote the story I envisioned Chloe looking just as "Great-Granny Mac" did when the photograph was taken so, I thought I would honor her memory by putting the picture on the cover.

I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Kevin McPherson


• "Be ready to laugh and cry!! This book has the perfect balance of hard times and humor all the way to the jaw dropping last page." — Sunny

• "I loved this book. The characters are believable, and you love most of them but hate a few." — Nancy; San Diego, California

• "Reading enjoyment at its best… This book was recommended by a friend and I highly recommend it for others enjoyment." — SuzyQ

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