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Book: Unleash Godly Power by Matt Jordan

Book: Unleash Godly Power by Matt Jordan

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Matt Jordan

Author Matt Jordanabout this book: I read numerous books about our infinite power, happiness, health & success, but none of them tied these four subjects together as I felt to be necessary. I decided to figure it out for myself so I studied books on each subject. The books on our inner power did not work for me because they failed to teach me what I had to do to achieve my extraordinary goal to go from "getting by" to wealthy. They made it sound easy which is not the case. I worked hard to find the missing and critical links necessary to tie these together for an effective total system.

I also studied the use of alternative healing methods to get my body ready to do all that my book explains must be done. The hardest part of writing the book was the health section, because it required a huge amount of research. I began this study when a close family member acquired cancer and refused to get chemo and radiation. I did find alternative methods to avoid the traditional damaging methods to destroy cancer.

Students will benefit because so many do not know how to select the right career. 80% of Americans hate their jobs so I want to do all I can to reverse that ratio. We all should love our jobs so much, that it is fun to go to work, making long days seem short. I believe everyone can benefit in all four areas of their life by learning the things that must be done to make them all work efficiently in our life. That removes all market limits for this book.

It took me over a year to write it. I compiled a huge file of notes I collected over the years for my own use. It took considerable time and advice from others to come up with the title because the book contains four parts that needed to be included. In addition, I wanted to trade mark the "Unleash Godly Power," for use in upcoming books. I spent considerable time meditating to come up with a cover that would depict the unleashing of infinite power. Then it came to me, a hand parting the sea, the ultimate act of one who could reach the "epic" level of consciousness.

The book explains why this level would be difficult in today's world, but how to rise up as close as necessary.

I was inspired to write this book because at this stage of my life, I want to help others succeed as I have done, using the total system I put together. I collected the information for over 40 years, doing my research at the library, on the internet, and with my own acquired books I collected since I was in college in the late 50's. I learned a great deal as I did my research and combined it with all the notes collected all my life. Now I desire to teach the information in lectures and classes.

I want my readers to understand we all are equal. The right career choice, proper education and measurable set of goals are the start. However, we must maintain a healthy mind and body, create our own happiness, and work long days to be or get anything we desire…without limits.

I want to help others to achieve this as I love people and desire to help others to rise up in their level of consciousness. I find it easy to forgive because I understand that most people spend their lives down level... sad and unnecessary. If we can take them up conscious where we all need to be, we would live in a happier, healthier, and more successful world of peace.

Sincerely, Matt Jordan

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