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Book: Forbidden Tome - Hansel and Gretel's True Tale by Jeffrey Underwood

Book: Forbidden Tome - Hansel and Gretel's True Tale by Jeffrey Underwood

categories: Book, Woodcutter, Stepmother, Black Forest, Vampires, Werewolves, Erotic, Love, Threesome, Manor, Baroque, Stables, Hansel and Gretel

Jeffrey Underwood

Author Jeffrey Underwoodabout this book: Forbidden Tome; Hansel and Gretel's True Tale is a story that combines spice and mystery amongst engaging, even fascinating, characters.
The synopsis is as follows: A good hearted woodcutter and his second wife are suddenly bereft as they discover their Hansel and Gretel to have gone missing. Claire, no evil stepmother, is as crushed by this fact as her husband. The wicked witch of the original rendition is no longer a witch but rather a beautiful vampire. Ironically, this creature, Viktoria, assists in the parents desperate search before greatharm befalls the children. The mystery is who has kidnapped the children and where have they been secreted. The hope is that the journey through the Black Forest will find neither death nor mayhem. Spice, erotica, is liberally sprinkled throughout. The denoument is a total surprise and full of actions and emotions that are powerful, violent but also leads to a multiplicity of reformations.

I wrote this book because certain themes of life intrigue me. The first was a test though. I wanted to test my ability to develop a complex set of events whose outcome would only pop and become clear, mystery concluded, at the end. The first theme of interest is that I feel the taboo against transparency regarding loving sexuality is a mistake. So I wrote loving scenes that do not run from the details or emotions involvedin positive intimacy. Also, ironically, I wanted to take the most viciously stereotyped creatures, eg vampire and werewolves, and give them characteristics that often affirms the good in us all.

I love writing but it took me nearly a year to write this book. I had a determined muse though who would not let me give up.
The title of the book is meant to imply that there is a subterranean, alternative yet factual tale to that told by the Grimm's Brothers.
The cover, though slightly lurid, reveals the creature that it does to indicate a surreal aspect to the proposition that Hansel, Gretel, vampires and werewolves are real.

This alternate rendering of Hansel and Gretel's journey through the forest does not involve much research. Certain descriptions do follow true details of 1850s Germany. The clothing is proximate to reality, the manor painted is real and the use of the bar of soap is factual. But history was not the point here; fiction and eroticism were.

And to my readers, I would like to say that the book's components and ultimately, its totality will appeal to most. There is a puzzle to solve, endearing characters to enjoy, vile characters to revile, themes of significance and a smooth flow of pleasing words. Take the ride. You will be glad that you did.

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