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Book: Living With Geometry - Coming to an understanding with God, Life and the Universe... by Michael A. Green

Book: Living With Geometry - Coming to an understanding with God, Life and the Universe... by Michael A. Green

categories: Book, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Golden Spiral, Light Years, Free the Spirit, Geometry, Golden Section Mathematics


Michael A. Green

Author Michael A. Greenabout this book: The story unfolded during the latter half of the 20 th. century and on into the earlier stages of the 21 st. Observations of the human condition, its perceptions of life, its state of being and notes on our social and physical environment coupled with studies and practices involving the subject of geometry and the disciplines of its applications in the professions of surveying and engineering along with a parallel interest in the ancient sciences led to a series of long standing queries resulting in ruminations that provided profound insights. When it took only a twirl of the compasses to bisect a square having sides of one unit then making a line join an invaluable set of truths emerged supported by firm mathematical principles. The memory of an ancient grand science based on simplicity itself made itself known and the most astounding revelations of our times were at hand.When the foundations of the Establishment began to crack the trumpets sounded hence the game was afoot. From a hands on down to earth approach in the study I found myself in possession of an array of cutting edge information that provided the solutions to a number of timeless riddles.

It was the forgotten knowledge that enabled a traverse of the heavens to be conducted by way of theorems that provided the square root values for 2,3,5,Pi and Ancient Pi, PHI and 1+Phi. The hidden workings of life and the Universe were revealed after being lost for thousands of years, that which the world populace of this time zone is presently unaware of. There was no need of telescopes, space vehicles we know them as or electronic gadgetry of any sort to perform the survey as it was discovered ancient astronomy is founded on a "Phi Ratio Code". Amazingly the solutions are provided by the unique components of Golden Section Geometry used in harmony with elemental arithmetic that proved to be instrumental in manifesting a trustworthy and accurate outcome in the endeavour.Living with Geometry was generated in order to place the keys that unlock the secrets of the lost sciences into the hands they belong to, the reader.

Therefore a thorough review of the manuscript along with many drawing theorems will assist in the object of the exercise. The details of the decoding of the Great Pyramid once its true dimensions were determined is an intense process and it will require close attention to master it. The promise is a new outlook and direction will be found within the contents wherein answers to the mysteries that have tormented the mind of man since time immemorial will be yours to treasure.

Great Pyramid / End of the World Prophecy
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Royal Cubit Theorem - Based on the Sun's DiameterRoyal Cubit Theorem - Based on distance from Earth to SiriusSpeed of Light to Alpha Centauri
Speed of Light to OrionSpeed of Light to PolarisSpeed of Light to Sirius
Earth Orbit around the SunMoon Orbit Around EarthSOL Squared
Planet 12 and the Great PyramidA Book made of Stone

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