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Book: Profitable Words For World Changers - 444 Gold Nuggets That Will Enrich Your Mind And Empower Your Life Towards Godliness, Fulfillment And Blessings by Francis Kaliisa

Book: Profitable Words For World Changers - 444 Gold Nuggets That Will Enrich Your Mind And Empower Your Life Towards Godliness, Fulfillment And Blessings by Francis Kaliisa

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Francis Kaliisa

Author Francis Kaliisaabout this book: Dear friend…

People all over the world are looking for something that can give them profit. That is why we work, do business, we are involved in sportsmanship and all kinds of craftsmanship. Profit gives momentum to go forward and upward in life. This is everyone's dream and aspiration; to be profitable. But there is more to this kind of profitability. Life is complete when you succeed in this life and attain the life to come. God's will is that we are profitable in family, career, charity and above all in His Kingdom. That's is why by the help of the Holy Ghost, I designed this precious book just for you my friend. As I wrote this book, you were in my thoughts and above all, my prayers. What began as a single letter with an ink pen many years ago has integrated into a book for you. This book will propel you and help you not only to be profitable now but for all time and all eternity. You don't want to be a liability to God, do you? These words will teach you how to live to the fullness of your potential and in the good, pleasant and perfect of God.

I spent over 15 years writing, designing and polishing this book. It was birthed during a devastating and humiliating yet humbling time in my life. I had dropped out of Kyambogo University, Kampala in 2004 for the second time in a row for lack of tuition fees. AIDS took my uncle who was supporting my mum with my studies. That July, I set out for a mission trip to Gulu with a group of University students. After the mission, I would spend time seeking God and He would put encouraging words in my heart. Since I had this passion to write, I discovered that I came up with words of encouragement, wisdom and correction. As years went by, I added more and more and more…

When I attached them to Scriptures and applied them, I saw results. My heart prompted me to turn what I wrote down into a book.

I believe that this book was born in me and is alive in my life. I practice this book everyday and still see results. I have proved the words in my life and they surely do work not forgetting the fact that am not perfect and still fail to apply them sometimes!!

This book will reveal to you that you are not a mistake or mishap. You will see your gift and you will let loose the fountain of your passion. You will grow feathers and learn to fly.

This book is what the Lord has taught me over the years I have walked and worked with Him. He taught me that life is composed of words spoken and minds programmed. Your life will follow a certain pattern depending on these two most powerful weapons ever discovered. You will always have what you say and you will always act according to the software uploaded in your mind.

I have, therefore, compiled for you these nuggets backed up with Scriptures from the Bible that will generate your word-power and reprogram your mindset as you journey on the path to fulfill your God ordained destiny. A nugget is a piece of a precious metal like gold or silver. I believe that the qualities of precious metals will brush on you as you spend time with this life-changing book.

You will grasp the mindset of the wise, the prudent and the discrete. The winner in you will rise up to pursue the dream every day of your life. With this book, the shaking will not shatter you and the fires of life will not consume you.You will discover and learn the strategies for winning in life and become the world-changer God designed you to be.

You will be profitable in your family, work and in the Kingdom of God. You will be profitable in your character and relationships.Your life and the lives of those around you will not remain the same as you put the words to work. You will rise up to face the challenges in your ministry and career as you refuel from this fuel station. I believe because it has and is still working for me.

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