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Book: God Reveals a Mystery! by Patricia Thomas

Book Reviews: God Reveals a Mystery! by Patricia Thomas

categories: Book, Religion, Spirituality, Christianity, Church History, Devil, Satan, god

Author: Patricia Thomas
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

 Who Really is the Devil or Satan? Find Out in God Reveals a Mystery!

When I first heard of this book, I was expecting to know more about what happened to the dinosaurs. However, as the book unfolded, I realized that the book had more to say than that! This book has helped me to understand more and I was impressed with how the author used the holy scriptures to explain things about the curse of the dragon, the Garden of Eden, and the devil or Satan. I always knew that something just didn't make sense about what I had previously learned, but I didn't have what I needed to know for sure as a Christian. "God Reveals a Mystery" is a great book to read!

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 A True Book That Is On A Trailblazing Path To Be Known As One Of The Best Books Ever Written!

The book, God Reveals a Mystery!, is well-written with plain and powerful words to deliver the truth about what REALLY happened to the dinosaurs (name coined in 1842) - BUT, there is more. Once the origin of the true name of this animal is exposed, we then realize that the name dragon or serpent has been lost over time with myths, but with using the holy scriptures the answer becomes obvious what happened in the GARDEN OF EDEN. This book not only explains the physical curse of the dragon/serpent- that we commonly call snakes today (Genesis 3:14), but the spiritual dragon/serpent (unclean animals/unclean spirits/demons), which is also the devil or Satan (Revelation 12:9 and 20:2) and how the Kingdom of Darkness operates. No... the devil is NOT Lucifer (King of Babylon-Isaiah 14) or a Cherub (4 faced celestial creature in Ezekiel 28).

This is the ONLY book of its kind and it really helped me to know the truth - with using the holy scriptures that many have overlooked or misinterpreted. BUT, God gives people knowledge and this WOMAN OF GOD has been given the truth to share with others. This book is a trailblazer that exposes the lies and myths and I will share this book with others!

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